Chapter 6

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His eyes locked onto mine and he sent me an overconfident smile and I felt my face burn up with embarrassment.

Emily and Vicki saw that something was going on between us – and it annoyed me because I didn’t want there to be anything. At the same time, I did.

There was just something about his conceited smirk that made him look so attractive.

I imagined that he most likely had a girlfriend. I couldn’t help but wonder what did he want with me? I was four years younger than him.

Just then, Fallen Angels came on the radio and Mr Haner turned the volume right up.

“Do you like Black Veil Brides?” Vicki bubbled excitedly. I gave her a look that warned her against telling them that we were going to see them on Friday.

“Yup, sure do” he smiled without diverting his eyes from the road.

 I was holding my breath, waiting for the bombshell that they were going to the concert on Friday.

Thankfully, he said nothing more about it, but I looked back over to Matt, who was still watching me.

I could tell that he was thinking something, because his eyes had narrowed and the smirk had gone from his face.

“Are you going to see them on Friday?” he asked sceptically. I didn’t want him to know that we were, so I lied, again.

“No, but I wish we were. I’m just really jealous of everyone who is!” I exclaimed, trying to look and sound as real as possible.

 I looked out of the window, willing the car to drive faster so that we could get back to school.

“We are,” Brian interjected. “Me, Matt and a few of our friends. I can’t wait. It’s going to be epic.”

I tried my hardest not to screw up my face, and it took quite a bit of work.

 I really didn’t want them to go, nor did I want to bump into them. It would be so embarrassing. And, proof that I had just lied.

Hopefully, they hadn’t noticed that we were missing.

 But that was a long shot now; it was well past lunch time.

“Do you think we’ll get into loads of trouble?” Emily asked, a little bit nervous.

 She hadn’t been part of our prank last year, and hadn’t been put on permanent detentions until Christmas like Vicki and I.

“Nah,” Matt said, shaking his head. “I doubt it. No one had noticed, and Brian and I both have frees next.”

“How many frees do you actually have?” I asked, curiously. I remembered that they had had one yesterday too.

“Just five – one a day,” Brian said. We’re full on for the rest of the week now.”

As he finished, we pulled into the school gates.

I sighed in relief, only to have such dashed upon a closer drive to the school.

At the front, stood Mr Jackson.

We pulled up, and all got out except for Mr Haner who had to park up the car.

Matt smiled at him friendlily as we got out and braced ourselves for a punishment.

“Emily, Vicki, back to class” he told them, with a huge smile on his face. Why wasn’t he letting me go back to class?

As soon as they had walked off, his grin dropped and he became more moody. He looked down at me, cynically, before looking back up to Matt – his nephew.

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