RWBY Live Action Cast

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I've compiled a few actors & actresses for the roles in the RWBY series! If you see this, comment what you think or give ideas for Characters & Actors.

Anyways, on with the roles!


Ruby Rose - Olivia Thirlby

Weiss Schnee - Chloe Grace Moretz

Blake Belladonna - Mary Elizabeth Winstead

Yang Xiao Long - Barbara Dunkelman

Jaune Arc - Grant Gustin

Nora Valkyrie - Felicia Day

Pyrrha Nikos - Bryce Dallas Howard

Lie Ren - Christopher Larkin

Professor Ozpin - Tom Hiddleston

Glenda Goodwitch - Charlize Theron

Roman Torchwick - Tom Hiddleston

Cinder Fall - Eva Green

Emerald Sustrai - Amandla Stenberg

Mercury Black - Andrew Garfield

Adam Taurus - Emile Hirsch

Sun Wukong - Austin Butler

Neptune Vasilias - Logan Lerman

Penny - Alicia Vikander

Professor Port - Nick Offerman

Ironwood - Joe Manganiello

Professor Oobleck - Adrien Brody

Neopolitan - Tuppence Middleton

Professor Port - Nick Offerman

Old Guy - Ian Mckellan

Junior/ Hei Xiong - Ben Barnes


You may be wondering, why is Tom Hiddleston both Ozpin & Torchwick? Well the reason is he's perfect for both roles, one smart and heartfelt, the other evil and cunning. 

Anyways, comment if you have any ideas and such for these characters & Teams CFVY & CRDL