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She is reaching out for my arm and saying in an angry voice" Let me see!" She says to me.

I sit there in silence trying to find a reasonable explanation but failed to find one in time, So I had no other choice but to extend my arms out to my step mom so she can see.

In that moment I just wanted to escape, run away from the scene that is happening in this exact moment.

I'm suddenly the center of attention, I can feel their eye watching me but i'm not looking at them, I'm looking at the computer again.

When my mom let go of my are she turns to my dad and  says "You need to talk to her , or we might come home one day and find her dead." And with that said she disappears into the hallway.

My sister is standing near my doorway staring at me trying to process what's going on, And once again my dad is staring at the T.V. , Trying to think of how to start the conversation.

When he looked at me and his face was full of concern and another emotion I didn't recognize I think it was guilt, but guilt for what?

Im sorry this chapter was short but its something I already had written, But I appreciate that its being read so thank and hopefully enjoy. Please tell me what you think about it.

P.S.- I'm going to try to update whenever so if you are looking forward to it just stay tuned.

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