Dzenita & Harry (2)

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"LOUIS!" you yell as he runs away from you with your secret diary. "NOT COOL!" You say, running after him. But he was too quick. "Haha, come and get it, Dzeni!" he cries, waving it in the air before running up to the tree house and locking himself in. "LOUIS! Open up!" you yell, pounding on the door. Surprisingly, he does. "What is this?" He asks, pulling you up and in to the tree house. He shows you the page he was looking at. "Uh- um- ah." you stumble, swallowing as you look at the cartoon of you and Harry.

You'd been crushing on Harry since he moved from Cheshire to London 5 years ago, and had (with the help of girly magazines) decided it was no longer a crush; it was love. Trouble was, Louis was as close to me as he was to Harry. I gulped, as his eyes narrowed. "Promise me something?" He says, coming towards you and hugging you. "Anything?" you say, confused where this is going. "If I do this for you, you will not ditch me, or make things awkward." He says, kissing your cheek. "Um, yeah, sure- but do what?" You say, kissing his cheek. He puts up a finger, tells you to wait, before climbing out of the window onto the branch and dropped to the ground on the other side of the fence. Harry's garden. You stand there, waiting, seriously confused. About five minutes later, Louis climbs back in through the window. And Harry is following him. "Louis!" you hiss, blushing and snapping your diary shut. Harry smiles at you, and blushes slightly. His green eyes, his dimples, you were lost in his gorgeousness. "Harry, say it." you hear Louis mutter. You raise your eyebrows, seriously confused. Harry looks down, before grabbing your hand in his. "Dzenita, will you-" He stops, biting his lip. He looks into your eyes, hoping you will get the gist of what he is asking. "Yes." You say quietly. He pulls you into a tight embrace, before kissing you. You'd waited five years for this. And you were happy.


No.12 in the series!

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