Carlos~ See You Again

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Carlos Pov
I never feel guilty. In fact I never thought it was in my nature to have guilt. But when I saw the look of hurt in Eliza's eyes that she tried so hard to hide, I felt a sharp stab of guilt. I knew I was being a dick. But that raw emotion I was feeling felt way more than lust and I had to end it.

I just couldn't risk feeling that way again, with anyone least of all a human. I'm currently on my way to Big Lunar. Or at least thats what the humans began calling our giant spaceship.

Delaine, a close friend of mine picked me up and towed my ship. We were now leaving the atmosphere. I called him because he's one of the few people that I trust and I did not want my father Darius (The Falcon King) to give me shit about crashing my ship.

(He began speaking in Falcon tongue) "Dude, you've never crashed your ship before, what happened?" he asked. Del was my age but he was a bit shorter and had hair golden like his skin. But it was long and pulled back into a pony tail when he was flying.

He never really liked the humans or having to watch them for some reason. Wait..did he just say dude? I rolled my eyes. What are we fourteen? He may not like humans but he sure picks up on their vocabulary.

"Who did you observe today Del?" I asked suspiciously. My father hates when we pick up bad language and slang from the humans we observe. He looked at me out of the corner of his eye since he was flying the ship.

"Skate park?" I asked then laughed at the ridiculousness. 

" I can observe whoever the hell I want- hey you changed the subject! Why did you crash?" he asked. There was no law that prevented the humans from having intercourse with us but there was more of an unspoken rule that that line was not to be crossed.

I'm not sure what Del would think of it but I decided to tell him anyway. " So I was observing a party..." And I continued on with my eventful night.

"You kissed a human?!" he screeched. Okay telling him may have been a bad idea. After he informed me of all the diseases they could carry and that I was crazy he asked,"How was it?" By now the ship was entering Big Luna. I glanced at the view of Earth. It was a beautiful planet all and all and I wanted so badly to be free to go on the land.

I decided I didn't want to tell him the details of the kiss. It felt more private. " It was fine," was the answer I settled with. Although in my mind I would describe it more as Earth shattering.

"Keep this to yourself, Del, " I said. He looked offended.

"Of course, who am I gonna tell? Anyways I wanna meet the girl that stole your heart." I was taken aback. He was fucking with me.

"I am NOT in love with her. I would never fall in love with human, they are too dull," I said dismissing his comment. In fact I don't love anyone, there are people I like but I have never told anybody that I loved them.

My mother went back to our home planet when I was young so I was stuck with my asshole of a father. But I knew Eliza was no where near dull. She was challenging, feisty, and full of passion.

She saved my life the ship could have exploded with me in it and now that I think about it I didn't even thank her, I repaid her by making her feel cheap. I wasn't about to share all that with Del though.

"True, none of the human females have caught my attention long enough," he agreed.

"I'm heading to my room," I said and we parted ways. I changed my shirt because the back of it was stained with grass. My phone beeped and I glanced at it in annoyance. My father was summoning me.

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