✚ Chapter Seventeen ✚

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Healing Gabriel: Chapter Seventeen

〒|〒Evan's POV〒|〒

Getting a snowball thrown right at your face was not a pleasant way to leave school.

"What the f--" I started, brushing the snow from my face when I saw two slim figures advancing towards me. Alana was there, Jurnee right beside her. Both had scowls on their faces as they came marching over to Slater and me. Gabriel and Axel were with them, Gabriel running a few nervous strides ahead of them.

"Go, Evan, before it's too late!" Gabe called towards me.

"Quick, Slater, get in the car," I yelped, pulling out my car keys from my pocket. The plan was for Slater and I to get out of the school and into our cars as quickly as possible; Gabriel was to stall the two girls, and if all else failed, he'd warn us ahead of time of the wrath we were to face.

It seemed that Axel ratted us out.

That bastard.

"Evan!" Alana yelled, making me almost jump. For a little thing, she sure could be scarily demanding. Due to her sudden yell, I accidentally dropped my car keys in the snow. Oh, fuck me, I groaned in my head.

"Quick, Slater, find the keys!" I urged him, already on my knees in the snow and frantically searching for my keys. He joined me, digging through the fluffy white snow as well.

Another snowball whizzed past the side of my face. I looked up to see the others only a few strides away now.

"Found them!" Slater suddenly yelled. I was so happy I tackle hugged him. "What the fuck, bro?" He shoved me off. I took the keys from him, too concerned for both my life and reputation to shove his face into the snow, and pressed the unlock button on my keys--

"I've been shot!" I yelled out as rock-hard snowball smacked into the back of my head.

Slater climbed frantically over my fallen body, taking the keys back from my hands and trying to unlock the doors when he, too, was blasted with a snowball.

"Evan!" Gabriel squeaked, falling to his knees by my side.

"Tell my family I love them," I whispered, dramatically closing my eyes into thin slits.

"We've failed the mission, Commander," Slater groaned, theatrically placing his hand over his "wounded" heart.

"You two are in so much shit!" Jurnee huffed as she reached us.

"My momma always said that the light at the end of a tunnel was an oncoming train," I said, earning a light tap in the balls with a boot.

"Get up you morons," Alana said. I sensed an eye roll from her. When Slater and I didn't move quick enough, Jurnee held onto Slater's ear to get him up.

"Ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch," he whined, wincing as she practically dragged him up. I heard Axel laugh.

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