I slowly moved up in the line, awaiting my turn. Butterflies were invading my stomach, I was definitely close to passing out. Only two more people infront of me.

Now one.

I watched as a head peaked around the girl infront of me. His smile was so bright, his gorgeous brown eyes stared back at me, he motioned in my direction.

Logan Henderson.

I am standing in front of Logan Henderson.

He quickly pulls me in for a tight hug. His body was so warm an comforting I never wanted him to pull away. He grabs my side and smiles for our picture together. I barely even noticed Kendall who standing right next to me had his arm wrapped around my waist.

I was about to leave when Logan reached for my hand, pulled me back into a gentle hug and. whispered in my ear, "Ill look for you during the concert."


AN~ this is my first fan fiction so im basically experimenting at this point.

The first part of the story ^ this chapter is based on my meet and greet experience.

By the way Im sorry that was so short.

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