Chapter 2

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I woke up with the shrill screams from Jamie. Jamie was crying with tears streaming down her cheeks. She was crying over Oliver, I couldn't move. I was paralyzed by the pain in my abdomen. I realized that we were in the middle of the field between target and the high school. I looked for Sena but she was gone. I started to panic.
"Max-max!" Jamie cried, now knowing I was awake.
"Wh...wha..." I could barely speak. I was overwhelmed with the pain of the bullet. I looked down at my abdomen and saw blood soaking my shirt. I then managed to lift it and see the damage. I saw that it looked like an exit wound. I began to have hope, I slowly lifted myself up to see if there was a hole in my back where the bullet would've exited. I felt it and then yelled in pain. Jamie cried harder.
"Jamie? Does anything hurt on you?" I asked
She kept crying, she shook her head and looked at Oliver. I then began to grow worried about Oliver.
"Jamie... What's wrong with Oliver?" I asked
"He-he won't wake up-and he's covered in blood." She cried. I started to scoot on my butt to reach them without causing a rupture. I then reached them and saw that his bullet wound was right beneath the airway. He was long gone, he had choked on his own blood. I started to cry and sob with Jamie.
"Wh-where's Sena?" I asked, trying to stand up.
"She ran away."
I looked at Jamie, remembering that she got shot.
"Jamie, why did you fall if you never got shot?" I asked
She lifted up her shirt and revealed that she was shot but it was only a bandage now.
"Who did that?" I asked
I looked around, confused
"Where is she now?"
"Getting more supplies."
I looked around again, then I went over to Oliver and separated him from Jamie. I didn't want her to be by her dead brother's corpse. I called her over to try and help me stand up.
She knelt by me while I used her to stand up, once I stood up, I grunted and tried to keep standing. I had sweat on my forehead and my abdomen hurt like hell.
"How-how long has Sena been gone?" I asked
"A few minutes before you woke up." She said sniffling. I sighed and tried to walk.
"Where are we going?" She asked worriedly
"Show we where Sena went." I say
She pointed in the direction of her house. I knew she went to her house. But she should've been back by now, something was holding her up.
I looked back at Jamie, she was next to me, her expression was terrified
"What? What is it?" I asked
"What-what is that?" She asked pointing at Sena's house again. I then looked up and saw a figure coming towards us in a slow pace. I squinted my eyes and tried to make the figure out. I determined that it was a man.
"I... I don't know if that's one of them." I say uneasily. I then heard a growling and choking noise, I turned to see Oliver choking on his own blood. I rushed to him, I fell by him, I yelled in pain but then tried to return to him. I checked his pulse.
There was a small and unsteady pulse. I didn't understand, a moment ago, he was long dead-I mean, he got shot in the airway. I then began to panic, I didn't know what to do. I can't do CPR, I can't do mouth to mouth.
I then thought of something.
"Jamie-I need you to get a tube-or a wide straw." I stated
"Wha-what?!" She cried
I tuned to face her, I then saw the figure still approaching
"Jamie! Go to a house and find a tube or a straw! This could save your brother's life, go!" I yelled. She cried and turned around, she then started to run towards the houses.
"Wait-Jamie-no, come back!" I yelled when I saw that she was running towards the figure. She didn't stop, I sighed and swore. I got up, I yelled in pain. I then started to limp towards her
"Jamie! No, come to me!" I yelled
I then heard Oliver growl again. This time it sounded almost like a rabid dog. I turned around, confused. I then saw that he was seizing. I stopped in my tracks when he started to stand up, I screamed and then began to run. I applied pressure to my wound as I ran, I felt the blood oozing from my core. I ran towards the now screaming Jamie.
"Jamie!" I screamed
Jamie was running from the man. I then saw that the man was one of those things. Jamie ran towards me.
"Go-go to the tan house across the street.." I say weakly before falling to my knees. I began to feel light headed, I saw Jamie panicking and then saw a truck approach us from the road. I passed out before I saw anything else.

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