Chapter Four: Elementum Academy

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"This right here," she points at the closed door behind her. "is The Hall. This is where you will eat breakfast at 8am, lunch at noon, and dinner at 6pm. For now, if you wish for food there will be snacks in your dorms. If any of you should have a medical emergency, the clinic is on the bottom floor. Just down that corridor," she, again, points at the hall to our right that all the other students had disappeared down. "And to the left. Any questions?" She pauses, everyone remains silent. "Good. Ladies, please follow Katie to the first years girl's dorm. Gentlemen, follow Aaron to yours."

The headmistress turns, as if heading for a door that is hidden from our view. Everyone turns to the boy and girl and we begin to follow them down the corridor, which are also lit with the strange pale orbs. The corridor leads to a marble staircase that goes up as far as I can see. The staircase looks as if nature has gotten ahold of it. Vines weave their way up the stone walls and around the side of the stairs, making it look like the staircase was planted in the middle of a jungle.

"My brother told me that some first year lost control of his powers a few years back." Cora says.

"Why didn't they get rid of it?" I wonder, my eyes darting over every aspect of the staircase, taking in anything and everything.

"To trip people." Levi says just as Cora replies, "I guess it looks cool."

Cora glares at Levi and slaps his arm violently. He doesn't even flinch.

We continue up the staircase, sometimes tripping over a few stray vines that grew across the steps, just as Levi had said. When we reach the fourth floor the boys make their way down another corridor.

"Bye Levi." Cora calls.

Levi waves back at us as he vanishes from sight. We proceed on until we reach the sixth floor, only three below the last level, turning down a corridor. At the end of the hall is a wooden door that Katie opens to allow us through. The girls dorm is a good size room with twenty beds lining the wall. Sitting between every other bed is a window, the dim moonlight peering through. Next to each bed is a small wooden night stand, a chair, and a different colored glowing orb. Laid out on every chair is a school uniform. As the headmistress had said, a small table in the middle of the room holds an assortment of chips, cookies, fruits, and sandwiches, bottles of juice in a bin siting next to it.

All the girls scatter, running to a bed, hoping to get one next to their friends. I follow Cora and Sophia to the left as they both dive for two empty beds next to each other. Despite my first instinct to reach the food I decide to make a quick run for the bed next to Cora. A blonde girl is making her way to the one left of mine, when someone darts across the room, diving onto the bed.

"Sorry, blondy, this one's taken." Victoria says to the girl, who rolls her eyes and makes her way to another bed. Victoria turns to me, smiling. "So, Bella, how was the train ride?"

"Very-" I pause, searching for the right word. "educational."

Resting her chin in her hand as I pull off my bag, she asks. "What do you think of all this?"

"It's fascinating." I reply. "What are those by the way?" I wonder, pointing at the glowing orb next to my bed, just hovering there. Up close, I can see they are the size of a golf ball.

"There called Lumias." Cora answers before Victoria, quickly leading to the exchange cold looks.

"She wasn't asking you, Cora." Victoria says bitterly.

"Does it look like I care?" Cora counters as she examines the black skirt of the school uniform.

"You sure did care when Andrew left you and came running to me." Victoria sneers.

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