The train, despite its speed, began to slow. My friends and I had returned to our compartment after visiting the café. Levi went on for 5 minutes straight naming everything wrong with Tommy, then when Cora called him a drama queen, he started explaining all the reasons why he wasn't. We spent on our hours on the train connecting with one another, well more like me getting connected with them. They explained the basics on Elementals, small details about the history that would most likely be learned at Elemental Academy and the kinds of people to avoid- such as Victoria and Tommy, but mostly they wanted to know about me.

I told them the basics; my name, where I'm from, that I live with my Aunt and Uncle and cousins, and that I hated it there. In return I learned a little more about each of them. Levi was from Tennessee, Cora was from North Carolina, and Sophia from New York. For a short while they demonstrated their- our- ability over the elements, and I didn't fail to notice Levi avoiding the use of fire again.

The blur beyond the window soon begins to fade to darker shades of blue, purple, and black. The outside world stops flying by so quickly and soon you can tell that trees surround the train.

"This thing actually slows down?" I ask, the others only shrugging in response.

At long last, the train comes to a complete stop. Outside is a small platform, lit by several glowing lamp post, from one hangs a sign reading Air Station swinging back and forth in the breeze. Behind the platform is a dark forest of trees, a path to the right leading into the woods. I grab my bag and stand as everyone piles into the aisle. My heart is racing in excitement and nervousness as the train files out onto the platform in the cool summer night.

I follow the flow of traffic and the only people I know onto the rocky trail surrounded by trees. Glowing lamps light the way, casting a gold glow through out the path. It goes on for half a mile, voices and laughter echoing throughout the dark wood. Finally, the path opens up to a green field, which stretches up hill like a narrow bridge to the edge of a cliff. Sitting on the very edge of the cliff is an illuminating castle. It isn't huge, but it still puts every building I've ever seen to shame with its towers and turrets stretching up into the sky. The windows of the castle glisten in the darkness like the starry night sky above.

We come to a cobblestone courtyard and stop at a giant oak doors that rises over 40 feet above us. The doors open by themselves, revealing a foyer with a ceiling just as high as the door. When we enter I look around the stone room, first noticing another large door and strange, glowing pale orbs lining the walls, hovering in the air. In front of us the other door is barely smaller than the one behind us. Everyone is headed to their right, but a voice call us back.

"First years over here." A woman's serene voice echoes off the stone walls.

She stands by the door, her arms crossed and a stern look on face. We drift away from the crowd and over to the woman. Her hair is long, straight, and jet black, her eyes a bright blue. From afar she looks no older than twenty-five, but closer up you can see the laugh lines, crows feet by her eyes, and the wisdom of age in her eyes. All the other students exit down a corridor, except for a boy with dark hair and a girl with blonde hair.

"Welcome to Elementum Academy." She begins. "I am your headmistress, Joanna Thompson. Now, the rules are simple. You do not use your powers to harm others, you do not wonder about the castle between the hours of 10pm and 6am, the forest is off limits, and you must stay within the grounds.

"Your classes with begin tomorrow at 9am. Your schedules will be posted in your dorms in the morning. You will be taking Elemental History, which is on the fifth floor, and all the classes involving different elements until you specialize in one. Earth and Fire are on the third floor; and Air and Water are on the second floor. Make sure to wear your school uniforms, which you will find in your dorms.

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