59- Sleep Tight (part 2)

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"you were right , you're the better sibling " 

I told her as we plopped down on couch  in front of the TV.

"I know he's nice but really cocky , being famous and all, but he's humble too you know he's not a bad guy." She told me bringing popcorn.

"what are you saying Rafa ?" I asked her .

"what I'm saying is that you need a boyfriend." she said grinning at me .

"Rafaella don't start this again." I groaned.

"Oh come one , don't you think it's time to actually try to get a boyfriend ?" she asked munching on the popcorn.

"First yuk close your mouth  while eating , second no I don't need a guy right now." 

I told her taking the bowl that was now half empty from her hands . 

"Really Rafa when did you even finish this ?" I asked her eyeing her mouth full of popcorn .

"What I was hungry." she said after swallowing.

"ugh you never change." I groaned standing up and going to the kitchen .

I put the bowl on the counter and put a bag of popcorn in the microwave waiting for it to pop .

I put my hands on the counter thinking about what Rafaella said , it's true that's it's been a few years since my last boyfriend , if you can even consider him as my boyfriend we barely even lasted a month and e said that he got bored with me and found someone better .

I was sixteen back then , I'm 21 now .

I felt a presence behind me but I didn't take notice of it and stayed still thinking of everything .

A body pressed to mine from behind making me gasp in shock as tanned hands with tattoos on their fingers rested next to mine on the counter.

"why so tense ?" 

The person said in a low voice that I recognized as Neymar's who's breath left a warm and weird feeling go through me leaving chills along my body.

"I'm not " I told him my voice failing me. 

"oh really then why are you shaking ?" he asked moving away , and I turned around to look at him. 

"I'm not shaking." 

I told him my body failing me too as he stepped even closer backing me against the counter top.

"Oh really , do I make you nervous (y/n) ? " 

He asked me smirking his face close to mine , I then realized that he was shirtless , his body wet from being in the pool. 

"No-o"  I told him my voice shaking slightly , stupid voice.

The smirk on his face became wider . 

"And if I do this then ?"


I couldn't finish what I wanted to say because in an instant his face came closer to mine his lips closing on mine . 

His lips were warm and soft making me kiss back almost immediately my arms wrapping around his neck his around my waist pulling me closer . 

We pulled away and he stared at me with a deep look on his face making me blush , he chuckled at my face .

I smiled a bit then noticed a shadow getting closer to the kitchen so I pushed him away just as Rafaella entered the kitchen .

He scratched the back of his head a slight frown on his face.

She walked over to the microwave while looking at us suspicious her eyes narrowed.

"Ugh I have to do everything by myself." she said in annoyance opening the bag and emptying it in the bowl taking it and walking away, but before walking out of the kitchen she stopped and turned back towards us.

"When you're done kissing, (y/n) join me to finish that movie." She said winking and then walked away.

I looked at the doorway shocked that she caught us.

"Well I guess we should do what she said." Neymar said turning to me .

"Uhm year , wait what ?" I aksed him but before I could say anything else he kissed me again.

"We'll finish this later." I told him pulling away and he chuckled as I walked out .








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