Chapter 55 ~ Movie Night Therapy

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Chrissy POV:

"So basically your not allowed to leave home until you get an attitude check?" Eleanor asked me laying down next to me. I sighed nodding my head.


"Well why are you so angry lately?" I glanced at her and knew I had to tell her.

"Well you know how I'm a witch too right? Well okay so when a witch gets her magic she gets all kinds of emotions with it, and since I'm part wolf too it heightens all of that and it really all depends on how I'm feeling." I explained to her. She nodded looking thoughtful before speaking.

"But if it depends on how your feeling, why are you feeling angry then?"

"Okay so you know how my dad put me in therapy?" I asked.

"Yeah. " she answered urging me to continue.

"Well okay so I was telling her about how much he frustrates me. And then she was like how do you feel about him? And I told her how much I like to piss him off and mess with him."

"Okay what does that have to do with you being angry?"

"Let me finish. So she told me that because of everything I might like him, and then I argued with her and now I'm confused. "

"So your feelings for Sam are making you angry?"

"No I'm angry because I'm frustrated. "

"But why are you frustrated. " I sighed. I got up from the bed and walked over to the door. I opened it and looked outside of it making sure no one was out there.

"My grandfather. " I sighed out closing the door again.

"What now?" She asked.

"He called me a mistake." She gasped.

"Talking to you?"

"No he was talking to my dad and I was eavesdropping. " I explained

"Oh my I'm sorry Chrissy. "

"That's not all.. " I trailed off.

"What else?"

"He wants him to discipline me better. " I explained.

"What's so bad about that?" She asked.

"Physically. " she froze.

"No! Okay. Look your father would never!" She tried to reason. I sighed. After I didn't answer she looked at me.  "Would he?" I was silent again. I honestly couldn't answer that. I didn't know whether or not he would. I would like to think that he wouldn't but honestly he lets my grandfather control him so much. "You know what! Even if your dad would do that! He would break his own hand because let's be honest you are very hard." I shook my head. "Physically and mentally." I laughed. I guess she is right. "So let's have a movie therapy night and enjoy the night!"

"I'm in." I laughed. She smiled.

"Yayyyy!" She squealed. Loudly may I add.

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