I Will See You Again

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Felix runs up to me after sparing with the other four. They begin to stand up as he runs over

"Did I do okay, Master?" He asks

"You did better then okay, you've done amazingly," I pat his head and he smiles

"Thank you, I can't wait until you get to become real, I think your going to like it!" He exclaims happily and hugs my leg, he catches me off guard, and let's go quickly

"You do know what we must do for me and the others to become real, correct?" His face goes pale when I speak

"Isn't there another way? Isn't there another way then to kill my mother?!?!" I knew it, he still hasn't become fully evil

"Well, of course there is, but this is the most fun way,"

'Felix's POV'

He smirks at me wickedly. Ever since they injected me with... Whatever the stuff was, there has been two voices inside my head. One has a sweet, caring tone, while the other is brutal and harsh.

The voices begin talking to me

C'mon Felix, it'll be fun... Don't you want to destroy the people who had kept your powers a secret for so long..?

Don't tell him that! They didn't know either... Felix, you can fight this darkness...

Shut up! Don't lie to him! The darkness will soon take over!

Felix, you have to fight this!! You must-!!

No, give in! Let the darkness take over your mind!!

My head pounds and I begin screaming. The pain gets worse and I fall to my knees, tears spill from my eyes. It feels like my head is splitting into two.

'Evil Lloyd's POV'

The boy screams and falls to the ground. I smirk, he really is weak, I don't know how his small body doesn't explode, with all of the power he possesses and all.

I pick him up by his arm and he screams again

"D-don't touch me!!" He kicks my stomach and I release him, causing his head to collide with the floor. He begins bleeding

"You stupid child, do you want to die?!" An evil cackle escapes the mouth of Evil Kai

"Leave him alone!" I snap

"Oh, don't tell me that you care for him now?" Evil Zane questions

"Don't be ridiculous, of course not." I turn away from the bleeding, crying child and face the rest of the Evils'

"So I don't need to remind you what we're going to do with him after he has no more use?" Evil Jay looks directly into my eyes and a smirk plays at the edges of his lips

"No, I remember just fine," with that I turn, pick up the boy and make my way to the room where we keep our medical supplies.

Felix continues to cry as I hold ice on his head. His head wasn't what was bleeding, he has a deep gash on his arm. I lay him down on the small single bed that occupies part of the far wall

He looks to me while a stitch up his arm

"Master..." I finish and meet his eyes

"Yes Felix?" I prompt.

His eyes begin to fall shut, but, before he can fall asleep, he whispers "thank you, for taking care of me,"

My eyes widen. I quickly leave the room

"Don't thank me.." I whisper, making my way back to the others.

'Lilly's POV'

We search all day, but can't find anything. I slam my open scroll down onto the table

"This is no use! We've been looking all day!" My eyes begin to get teary again "we're never going to get him back..."

"Lilly, don't think like that-" I cut Cole off

"Cole, I don't know what to do, so how am I supposed to get him back?!" I raise my voice

"You aren't doing this alone, we're all here to help you figure it out," Nya places her hand on my shoulder

"B-but what if we can't? What if we can't get him back in time..?" A tear runs down my cheek. Nobody can answer my question, so Sensei speaks up

"Lilly, we will cross that bridge if we come to it," he says. I ball my hand up into a fist

"I think it's time for you all to get to sleep," Misako speaks next. We stand up, saying goodnight as we part ways.

I change and climb into bed. Lloyd comes in soon after.


I find myself standing in that stone wall, glass ceilinged room that I recognize to well. No light shines in through the ceiling, I can only just make out where I am

A light flickers on near the middle of the room. The light flickers a few more times before shining brightly

Felix stands in the middle of the light. His head hangs and he's covered in blood

"Felix! Felix?!" I call out to him desperately. I try to run to him, but I find that my wrists are chained to the wall

"Mom... I'm so sorry..." He whispers as Evil Lloyd comes up behind him with a bloody knife

"Felix! Don't touch him!!" I pull against my handcuffs, causing the rusty metal to cut into my skin

"It's to late," Evil Lloyd shoves the knife into Felix's chest. Felix screams and falls to the ground, tears falling from his eyes

"No!!" My chains disappear as Evil Lloyd falls back into the shadows

"Felix, please..." I hold his body in my arms, his warm, red blood covers his own clothing, and begins covering mine

"Mom... I want you to know that... You were the best mom I could ever ask for..." Tears spill out of my eyes and fall onto him

"Felix... I'm so sorry for getting you into this..."

"It's okay mom... Don't cry... I will see you again, I promise..." I feel my mothers presence

"I'll take care of him, I love you sweetheart," she says. The life leaves Felix's body and my mother shows herself, Felix's spirit holds her pale hand with his own

"Goodbye mommy..." His spirit hugs me one last time

"Goodbye Felix..." Tears run down my cheeks as they disappear. Both of their presences are gone and I'm left alone in that cold room....

*End Of Dream*

I wake up with a jolt and sit up immediately. I begin to bawl, muffling my sobs with my hand. Lloyd quickly sits up and turns to me

"Lilly, what's wrong?" He asks, concern written all over his face

"M-my dream... T-they killed him... And I couldn't d-do anything about it..." I try to swallow, but it feels like I'm trying to swallow cotton balls

"Lilly, it was just a dream, we'll get him back..." He hugs me

"But what if we don't..? What if I can't figure out what I have to do to destroy the Evils?" Once again, the voice that comes out of my mouth doesn't sound like mine

"You'll figure it out, and we'll all be here to help," he strokes my back and my crying begins to slow down.

I don't fall asleep quickly that night, but Lloyd is right there beside me until I can finally calm down enough to find myself asleep.

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