Chapter 19

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*Ajay Mehra Pov*

"Ajay! Today we have a very important meeting with the bank regarding the loans." Dad said entering the office room.

"I remember, Dad." I said and then turned to see Jiya frowning while staring at the system.

"Are you fine, Jiya?" Dad and I asked her at a time.

She got startled and looked up saying, "I am fine!"

"We will leave for the meeting in ten minutes." Dad said, and we both nodded getting up.

When we walked towards the stairs, Jiya suddenly gasped and held the railing tightly.

"Jiya!" I said, holding her shoulders, but she flinched away from my hold.

"Are you really fine?" I asked her, ignoring her reaction to my touch.

"Yes!" She replied and we both continued walking down the stairs, and I tried to stay near to her.

I can see her gripping the staircase in the gaps. I frowned, and we reached near Mom and Dad who are looking at us frowning.

"Ahh!" Jiya shouted and leaned on the table.

"Jiya!" I shouted and held her into my arms.

"What happened?" Mom asked frowning.

"Nothing!" She replied, backing away from my hold, but I tightened the grip.

"What is paining?" Mom asked, holding her hand.

"Abdomen!" She replied, and I frowned.

"I will take her to the hospital. You both go to the meeting." Mom said, turning towards us.

"But Mom, I will take her." I said panicking.

"No! She may need privacy, and I am here right so you both go." Mom said and I reluctantly nodded and walked away with my Dad after squeezing her hand.

I sat in his car and considered how I drove to her parent's house within minutes after them and made her come outside the house.

"What are you doing here?" She asked in a monotone when I reached there.

"We need to talk." I replied.

"About what? That I need to get paid for giving services even after the contract has been over?" She asked and I bit my tongue not to reveal the truth or to say anything.

"Please, I need to talk with you." I pleaded with her.

"I don't want to do anything in your matter. So you can please leave." She said, shaking her head.

"It is about the case." I said, and she stared at me.

"Can you come to my office?" I asked her taking out the card.

"Ok!" She replied and looked at her surprised as she agreed immediately.

I paced in my cabin and looked at the photo album which I placed making sure the visitors can watch it.

I sat in my chair and after some time, I heard a knock. I glanced up to see Jiya is standing near the door.

"Please, sit down." I said, and she nodded sitting before me.

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