Chapter 7: News Flash

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Chapter 7: News Flash

"You look beautiful." Quinn beamed next to me. Her arm was slugged around my shoulders. We were admiring my outfit for that nights event with Aspen. I wasn't really wearing something party worthy; it was more of a date outfit. That was what I was going for though. I wanted to make this party feel more like a date.

A light blue dress hugged my chest and then flared out around my waist to mid thigh. The dress was slim fitting, so it covered up the little amount of boobs that I had. It would've been nice to show a little bit of cleavage, but I guess with a tiny chest that didn't happen much. Sam got all the good genes, so if anyone was looking for wide chested girl, she was the one.

Ugh, just thinking about her drove me mad.

"Thanks," I replied. I gave her a tiny smile, but it was hard. The date had me so nervous, and it didn't help that we were going to a party. As everyone knew, I hated parties.

"Cheer up, Ella." Rebecca frowned from behind me. "You're going on a date with like the hottest kid in school! Well, besides Tristan."

Quinn and I looked at each other and then rolled our eyes. Ever since she met that kid, it was all about Tristan. It was a miracle that Becca actually came over today; I was surprised she wasn't out with Tristan.

"Hearing his name makes me want to barf." Quinn pretended to gag. I couldn't help except choke out a laugh.

"Hey he's a really nice guy! He likes me and I like him!" Becca shouted. Crossing my arms, she sat on my bed and stared at the floor.

"He likes you likes you?" I asked and took a step closer to her. Inside, I was a little scared she would pounce on me at any second, but I figured I could take me chances.

"Yes, he told me last night."

"What was last night?" Quinn interjected.

Becca tried to hide her face. Her eyes searched all around the room, but they refused to glance at either of us.

"Rebecca," I started and took another step.

"We went out on a date!" Becca threw up her arms and buried herself in my blankets.

"What!" Quinn and I both screamed. Becca was supposed to tell us if she was going on a date. It was a pack that we made; all of us would get ready for our first dates together.

"I'm sorry!" Becca cried. "I just wanted to keep it to myself. It felt good having my own secret."

"Except it wasn't your little secret." Suddenly Sam was standing in my doorway. Her petite body was pressed up against the frame and she glared at all of us. A little smirk laid on her frosty pink lips.

"Shut up, Sam." Becca was now standing. Her teeth were gritted.

Quinn and I stood in between them looking from our best friend and then to our enemy.

"What's going on?" Quinn whispered.

"You see, your little best friend here didn't keep the secret of her date all to herself. She actually told someone. She asked this person for advice for her big date and even asked her to help her get ready for the late night of events." Sam was enjoying herself. She walked around my room like she was in parade. Rebecca followed her every move. A frightened look appeared on her face; any second I swore she was either going to attack her or cry.

I might've cried too. Hearing that Becca turned to someone else for advice for her very first date hurt me. She was mine and Quinn's best friend. If it wasn't us that she was seeking help from, who was it? And why did Samantha know about it?

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