"A Lady's Nightly Vigil of Love", a Sir Guy ficlet by Gratiana Lovelace

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“A Lady’s Nightly Vigil of Love”, a Sir Guy ficlet by Gratiana Lovelace, April 10, 2013

(inspired by and dedicated to Richard Armitage France and Richard Armitage Net)

An unfelt lady's hand gently caresses Sir Guy’s cheek and strokes the furrow from his brow as she stands watching him at his bedside.  He does not stir at her ethereal touch--but to thrash about with nightmares of his own making.  She comes to him often on nights like this--when his sleep is slow to come and then brings only terror when he succumbs--trying to calm his soul and give peace to his tortured dreams.  But for all her love for him, she cannot take away his pain.   

The lady’s heart breaks for him, even as she acknowledges his mortal sin.  Only Lady Marian could ease Sir Guy’s guilt. But Lady Marian is dead, by Sir Guy’s hand.  He has escaped mortal justice. And now he is merely existing--because for him, his own life ended when in one unforgivable moment, he took the life of his only love, the Lady Marian.  Only turning back time to prevent that awful murderous deed would cease his living torment now.  And yet, this lady’s love for Sir Guy is timeless and unconditional--a force of will beyond her force of life. But such things as changing the past, his past, are not possible--not even for her. 

So her nightly presence--though unrecognized by Sir Guy--is her lasting gift of love to him. For a mother’s love is forever and true--undying, even unto her own death.  Moonlit darkness is her shield and morning dawn brings this lady’s nightly vigil to an end.  The willowy spirit of the Lady Ghislaine Gisborne bids her son adieu as she kisses Sir Guy’s forehead and he continues to sleep--perhaps soothed by her love, she hopes. Then the lady withdraws into the shadows of morning light--until darkness falls once more, when she will come to him again with love for him. 

"A Lady's Nightly Vigil of Love", a Sir Guy ficlet by Gratiana LovelaceWhere stories live. Discover now