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"Justin! Ew stop!" I yelled at my bet friend. "Bu-but I'm almost there!" He moaned. He was sitting on the couch fake jacking off. It was funny how much he moved. "That's so inappropriate." I said laughing. "Oh oh yesssss." He said fake cumming. I tried to look at him disgustingly but I just ended laughing at his nastynest. "Oh god, that felt good." He said looking at me. I just burst out laughing and looked away. "Justin you are gross." I said. "But you love it! And you love me!" He said getting up. He walked upstairs and into a room. I laid on the couch and buried my face in a pillow. Ugh I'm so sleepy. "Y/N! Come Here!" I heard Justin yell. What the fuck does this white boy want? I got up from the couch and pouted my way upstairs. "What the hell you want?" I said entering the hallway. I don't know in what room he is. "Come here." He said. "Where the fuck are you?" I asked. "Oh in my room!" He said. I walked in his room to see him laying down. "Lay." He said patting the spot next to him. I ran and jumped in the bed. "I found this in the basement and I wanted to show you." He said trying not to laugh. I looked at his strangely then at the tv. It started as a man sitting on a bed. A woman walked in with a robe on. The man started smiling. The woman looked at the camera and smiled. She opened her robe then let it fall. "Justin this is porn!" I said getting up. "Yes but look at that woman and that man!" He said rewinding back. I groaned and looked at the tv closer. The woman looked at the camera again. Oh shit. "Justin that's your mom." I said wide eyed. He nodding laughing. "And that's my dad's brother! They made a porno!" Justin said laughing. I started giggling. His mama was freaky hell. "Justin im home!" Pattie yelled. I looked at Justin. He looked at me wide eyed. "Get the tape!" He whisper yelled. I ran to the DVD player and hit eject. I heard her coming up the stairs. I finally got the movie and threw it to Justin he put it beside his bed. "Justin what movie do-" I started as soon as she opened the door. "Hey you guys. I'm gonna start dinner." She said smiling. I smiled and nodded. She shut the door and left. I looked at Justin and laughed hard. Aw shit, his mama a porn star. Damn.

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