Harry- He cheats on you (part 1)

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You had recently broken up with your boyfriend, Harry Styles. He had cheated on you while on tour in America and you weren't prepared to forgive him, not after the hell he had put you through. You had heard a few cheating rumours in the past but had decided to ignore them as you completely trusted Harry. But this time you had every reason to believe the rumours.

You and Harry were introduced to each other by Zayn, your best friend. Zayn is like a brother to you; he knows how to cheer you up, comfort you and just generally make you laugh. It was Zayn who told you the truth about Harry cheating on you and you believe him 100 percent, why shouldn't you after all?

Harry is notorious for doing stupid things when he is drunk, however you or the boys are normally there to stop him and look after him, but this time things went too far. Yes, he cheated on you. It was all over the internet and newspapers the next day. 'Harry Styles spotted with mystery girl!' 'Harry Styles cheats on girlfriend!' These headlines were hurting you so much inside and the pictures that came with them made it worse. He was obviously drunk in all of them. So was the girl he was with. She had bleach blonde hair extensions, fake eyelashes and was bright orange. What was so special about her? All the pictures were too much for you and you just broke down crying. You needed someone to talk to. Not Harry. You didn't want to speak to him. The person you wanted most was Zayn.

Zayn answered almost immediately, as if he was waiting for a call.

'Hi (y/n)' he said.

You were finding it hard to reply through all the tears so you just asked the one question you wanted to know the answer to. 'Did Harry cheat on me?'

There was a silence at the other end of the phone until Zayn replied with the one word you were dreading... 'Yes.'

That's when you lost it. You just hung up on Zayn, not able to even say goodbye. Why weren't you good enough for him? What did he see in her?

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