#19 Fiery Obsessions

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So, like I said, I don't feel like this chapter is up to par and I also feel like I've lost that intimate contact I had with each character ... For that I would like to apologize for before hand because it makes the story losse it's rhythm from a readers point of view. It is, basically, a filler chapter with a few hints here and there but I would still like your creative feedback :)

Thank you for those who were so patient with me and I will try to bring out the next (much steamier ;)) chapter out as soon as I can.

Oh! And thanks for all your help again Maja!! You're the bestest of the best!! :D


Chapter 19:

Fuck, Sasha swore silently to herself as she stared at her pale face in the bathroom mirror. Her eyes seemed wider than usual as she tried to digest the horrific story Colby had told her, but she couldn’t seem to focus on one thought long enough to process it properly.

She just couldn’t believe it.

Of all the things she thought they might have hidden in their past, something like ... that just wasn’t what she had been expecting. Not at all. Not from one of her men. It was so dark and brutal, especially for someone as seemingly playful and carefree as Colby.

It just didn’t seem to make sense to her!

Sasha rested her hands on either side of the basin and dropped her head. She closed her eyes and focused on calming her raging thoughts so she could figure out just how she felt about what had been revealed to her.

From the night before, when Colby had so expertly kept her at the edge of pleasure for so many long hours, Sasha had wondered on how he had gotten so good at doing that. It was as if he had known just how much pleasure, how much pain to apply to what part of her body to keep her dangling for hours long inches away from orgasm.

He had read her body so well ... And now she knew why.

He had been trained to see and use all her reactions against her. To torture her until her body couldn’t take anymore, even though she had begged him, continuously, to stop. And according to him she wasn’t the only one he had ever done that to, but she was the only one lucky enough to have someone put a stop to what he had been doing.

She couldn’t even imagine the kind of man he had to be to in order to actually do what he did. Nor could she imagine the kind of person Ralph had to be to make a young, vulnerable boy into someone who would do such horrible things to innocent people.

Colby didn’t deserve to have such a stain on his hands and she couldn’t imagine what he must have gone through to get to the point that he was at today, but Sasha knew that Marius and Lincon had something to do with it.

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