The Race

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"Auntie, you gotta tell us what Jacobs wanted," I pleaded.

Aunt Phillis hesitated. I guess even after Jacobs betrayal she was still loyal to him.

"He's going to kill Gema. He's going to kill her family. I can't let him hurt her."

I saw her resolve crumble. I knew Aunt Phillis would never forgive herself if another mermaid (especially a young mermaid and her family) got hurt by Jacobs, and she had the power to stop him.

"He said that a teenage girl tipped him about a mermaid in the area. The girl had told him that you had a mermaid girlfriend."

"Dip-Shiz Face," Erin and I growled at the same time.

"Dip-Shiz Face?" Aunt Phillis sounded alarmed.

"Brittany Little," Erin spat.

Aunt Phillis's eyes widened at her name. She knew how mean Dip-Shiz Face was to me. Aunt Phillis lowered her eyes to her lap, guilty.

"I wanted to lie to him," she whispered, "I didn't know Gema was your girl. Johnny knows when I'm lying. I knew there were merfolk here, but I never imagined you would meet them."

I licked my lips, nervous. No offense to my aunt, but this was getting us no where. She was still loyal to a best friend who sold her out, threatened to kill her, and is now on his way to kill my Gema. We needed to know Jacobs plan so we could stop him/warn Gema.
I stood up, feeling slightly angry. Aunt Phillis wasn't helping us.

"Are you going to tell us what his plan is?"

She didn't answer. I huffed angrily.

"Fine. Erin and I will find him if you're not going to help us."

I tugged Erin out of the room, ignoring my great aunt as she called my name. No, the more time I spent here, the less time I had to find Gema before Jacobs did.

The good news was, that from the conversation that Dip-Shiz overheard, she had no idea where Gema and her family lived. If she didn't know where Gema lived, that meant she couldn't have told Jacobs, and that meant they were out looking for her. So, hopefully, that could buy enough time for Erin and I to get to her before either of them.

"Do you know where Gema lives?" Erin asked.

I stopped cold on the sidewalk. A couple ran into the back of us and jeered at us, but I could care less. Of course I should know where Gema lives, but I don't. I meant to ask, but I always forgot because all I really could think about around Gema was holding her hand or kissing her. I groaned loudly. The one time I need to know where Gema lives and I failed on every level.

"Hey, Lee it's fine. We'll start looking close to where you two met. She can't live far. This is a tiny ass island, so maybe there's some secret underwater cave she lives in."

I nodded. Erin was right. I unconsciously gripped his arm. Erin was my anchor. We were soul mates, but in a friendship sort of way. We balanced out each other. He calmed my anxiety down, and I reeled him in from acting too crazy.

Once we got to Opal Beach, I saw Dip-Shiz Face. She was scanning the ocean, so she couldn't see us. Without thinking, I ran to tackle her. She better thank God that we found her on the beach and not on the rocks, because I tackled her...hard.

Thunk, was the sickening sound her body made as it ground. I knew I had knocked the air out of her by the strangled sound she made. I smiled evilly. This was nothing compared to what Jacobs would do to Gema. I held her down by her shoulders, and I felt Erin move behind me to hold down her legs. Straddling her stomach, I glared down at Brittany. She shied away from the dark look.

"What is wrong with you?" I snapped.

Brittany struggled, trying to get away from me. She even spit in my face. I sneered, and pressed her harder into the sand. She winced.

"Why? Why did you tell Jacobs? Do you know what you've done? What did Jacobs tell you he was going to do to her?"

"Why should I tell you anything?" Brittany tried to sound tough, yet her voice cracked.

"Because, you've signed her and her family's death warrant!" Erin shouted.

Brittany froze. Her eyes filled with confusion.

"What do you mean?" She whispered.

"Jacobs is going to kill Gema and her family! He's apart an ancient mermaid killing club, which I have no time to explain, and their main goal is to kill mermaids. You've handed Gema and her family to one of their members wrapped in a bow."

Brittany looked like a fish out of water. She kept opening and closed her mouth, but said nothing.

"How does it feels to be a murderer?" Erin taunted.

Brittany tried to kick him.

"Screw you! Why should I care about some girl and her family?"

"Because she has a little brother," I answered.

Brittany froze again.

"He's ten years old. His name is Tanagra."

Brittany's lower lip started to wobble. Brittany had lost her twin brother seven years ago. The ocean was too rough, but her brother went swimming anyway. He drowned. He was only ten years old.

"I didn't know," she cried.

"I know," I said, "but you gotta tell me where Jacobs is. He is going to kill them."

Brittany hiccuped. "H-he already found them."


"A five minutes ago. He told me to keep a look out in case they escaped."

"Where are they?"

"Th-they're in some cave near the rocks. I can show you."

I smiled at her. The more people we had, the better chance we had of taking down Jacobs. I nodded at Erin to let go of her feet, as I climbed off her stomach. I helped Brittany to her feet, and she fell onto me.

"I'm sorry. I'm so, so sorry," she blubbered.

"I know," I awkwardly patted her back," but right now we need to focus."

Brittany sniffed and wiped her nose, before turning around and heading right towards the rocks. Erin and I followed her. I'm coming Gema, I promise. I'll save you.

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