High School Boxer

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"Get up Tony this fight is the last fight then you beat Marciano's record if you win this fight you will be 50 and 0 get up tony get the hell up". That was years ago before I well I will tell you that last part later in my story of a high school boxer. I will take you back in time 2 years ago when i started to box I never lost when I started and so someone bet me to beat Rocky Marciano's undefeated boxing streak 49-0 43 by KO so i accepted that bet and became the youngest man alive to be a professional boxer even younger then Iron himself.

It was September of 2010 and the new school year started I am 15 and Im in tenth grade and I just started to box that summer and it was incredible. For the gym I go to I am 19-0 all by KO within the first 30 seconds of the first round people at the gym call me "Marciano's younger clone". I was not very happy that the bullys at my school were stil going to make fun of me. My name is Tony Cacino and I was the big guy in the grade that everyone wanted to make fun of. I was six feet five inches and I am the tallest one in the school and i wieghed in 236 pounds of nothing but muscle. My bully taht was another foot shorter than me always calls me retarted because i have a few learning disablities. I got tired of it my bullys name was Butch and every time i look at him i just want to kill him. he wears the same clothes everyday especcially that damn hollister shirt I finaly said to him "hey butch you scumbag change your damn clothes for once". "what did you say retard" butch said back "you heard me bitch what are you gona do about it" i said with no fear butch looked furious and got in my face and said "I'll knock your god damn teeth out" like rocky said to clubber lang in rocky III i said "go for it" then he pushed me. I pushed back with all my force and sent him sliding on the floor about 20 feet he got up and started to swing at me. i dodged each punch and finaly with no regrets punched back after two punches he was on the ground with two teeth on the floor and his mouth all bloody and butch knocked out. i mocked him with a boxing thing going on with the ten count "one two three four five six seven eight nine ten your out bitch". everyone stood there and stared at me no teacher saw what i did but my best friend billy came up and said to me "jesus tony did you have to end it before i could puch him". Ive known billy for years but we werent friends until around 8th grade me and him dispised butch the same because he makes fun of billy always calling him fat and gay. i used to make fun of billy to before we were friends.i was a bad kid in 7th grade but my life turned around when i realized being mad fun of isnt so good so i stopped making fun of billy and we are now best friends. Billy knows some karate hes strong and everything but he doesnt really fight he just defends himself when needed. Word got around i beat butch up and everyone feared me so during lunch butch was talking saying i didnt do anything then i walked up to him at his luch table with all the other bullys. "it's true i got beat up by tony everyone two punches ended it ok dont fear him laugh at me". i asked what that was all about and he just shrugged and said " i dotn know but im not gona do anything to piss you off again".

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