"What did he do?" She asked still frowning.

"He killed my Sister Durga. I am sure you must have heard about her right." I replied, and I know she should have known as he was in jail for two days.

"Yes! But how are you sure that it is not suicide." She said getting up and walked towards the window fisting her hands.

"I have enough proof and that is the reason I went to Ahmadabad." I said.

"But you said you are going to Mumbai." She said turning around.

"I lied! Our marriage is a contract marriage, and the time is over." I said, and she closed her eyes slowly.

"Why are you telling me now everything?" She asked opening them.

"I am going to send him inside jail, and then I don't have anything to do with you." I replied.

"Did you ever love me?" She asked staring into my eyes.

"No!" I replied looking down.

"Look into my eyes and tell me that." She said, and I took a deep breath.

"No!" I said, staring directly into her eyes.

"Can't we continue our life like this?" She asked gripping the window rail.

"I... have someone else in my life." I replied, and she leaned back closing her eyes.

"You need to leave the house." I said not able to see her completely knowing that she is hurt.

She nodded and walked inside our room. Packing everything she walked outside, but before going, she turned and said, "I loved you."

"Jiya..." I started saying, but she shook her head and walked away.

I reached her parent's house and leaned against the window of the living room to see her sitting on the couch.

He walked inside the living room and stared at her surprised. She asked him to sit down and asked, "Did you kill Durga?"

"What are you asking?" He asked frowning.

"Bhai! Ajay is Durga's brother and he just took revenge on me for your mistakes. Can't you at least tell me the truth now?" She asked with a breaking voice, and I stopped myself, from going inside.

"I don't know what you are talking about." He said shaking his head.

"What did you lose even after killing her Bhai? I am the one that lost everything. I never considered I have such a selfish and criminal Bhai. I feel so disgusted that I want to slap the life out of you." She shouted at him.

"Don't you dare talk to me like that. It will not take time for me to even kill you." He shouted, and I stood ready to go inside if he harms her.

"So you did kill her." She said, and he smirked.

"Yes! She wanted marriage can you believe it. We were only a fling, and she wanted a marriage. I broke up with her, but before going away she said she will ruin me. I know if she tells Dad, then he will never give me his company, so I went to her house at 10:30." He said leaning back.

Then he slowly gave a creepy smile and said, "I said I am sorry, and I just got shocked with the marriage news. She was pleased hearing that, and then I saw the letter on the table when she went inside the kitchen."

"I decided to fulfill her wish as I don't want any burden on my shoulders, and I want to earn money and nothing else." He added.

"You are sick." Jiya said, gritting her teeth.

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