Chapter 17

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*Ajay Mehra Pov*

At night time mom made me sit at the dining table and Dad made Lakshmi Kaki to make sure Jiya is present with us.

"I know, I know! Like this whole week, you both will say you are not feeling hungry and will just sleep." Dad said when Jiya, and I started to say that we don't want to eat.

"This is a small celebration of our anniversary, so you both need to have the dinner with us." Mom said, and I sighed leaning back to the chair.

"I have to tell you something, Joshna." Dad suddenly said in a serious tone.

"What is it?" Mom asked frowning.

"I don't love you." He replied, and my eyes widened.

"What?" Mom asked, completely shocked.

"And there is someone else in my life." He added, and my eyes widened even more while Jiya just stared at them shocked.

"What are you saying, Nilesh?" Mom asked still in shock.

"I love the food you cook more than you, and it is in my life." He replied and laughed looking at our expressions.

"You just gave me a heart attack." Mom complained hitting on his shoulder.

I glanced at Jiya and saw that she is only staring at her plate. I completely know what she is thinking about so I gripped the table and just sat there in silence.

"I have just one plan uncle. I didn't get any proof against him and just heard that he is going to get married soon. I can't let him suffer another person's life." I said after landing in Palghar.

"What is the plan?" He asked, walking beside me.

"I will somehow make Jiya hurt a little and then make her question Sahil. Which brother will not move with sister's pain? He will confess everything to her either in guilt or in irritation. I will have some camera planted in her purse, so I will get footage." I replied.

"It is not that easy." He said frowning.

"I know! But this is my last chance. Their parents are out of town as per the information I got." I said and got inside the taxi to reach our home.

I know that, she will hate me in the end, but she will have someone in her life, and I will continue my life far away from her.

"We need to talk, Jiya." I said entering the home and saw that she is watching TV.

"What is it?" She asked still staring at the TV.

Looks like she is still upset the way I left the house ten days ago. I calmly said, "Wait for two minutes."

I walked inside our room and placed many cameras at all the buttons and made sure they will not go anywhere. I don't know how she will hold it or where she will put it, so I need to make sure this will not fail.

I hope my friends technology will work, and I will obtain the footage. I thought tightening the hold on my phone.

"I don't love you Jiya." I said, sitting beside her.

"Why?" She asked, frowning.

"This is all nothing but a revenge against your brother." I replied.

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