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*Pop* *pop* went the popcorn in the microwave as you were getting the movie, Jaws, & putting it in the dvd player. You & your boyfriend Pavel Chekov were having a movie night at your quarters.                        

As you were getting the freshly popped popcorn & bringing it to the couch you heard the cutest little knock on the door & knew it was Pavel. "Come on in Pavel!" you yell. You went to go get the drinks & left the popcorn on the little table by the couch. "Y/N! Vere are you?" Asked Pavel.               

"In here getting the drinks!" you yell to him.  You swear the accent is as cute as him.  You got the drinks & went in the living room, where you found Chekov with a pink rose in his hands.                            "Zis is for you Y/N." Chekov said as he was giving it to you.

 "Aww. Thanks Pavel. I love it." you stated. "Where did you get it?" you ask as your putting it in a green vase. " I got it from Sulu's garden, although he doesn't know it." he says, muttering the last part. You stopped looking at it & turned your head to Pavel. " What do you mean he doesn't know?" you asked puzzled. 

"Vel when I vent to the garden to ask him if I could have one , I didn't find him there. So I looked around in ze garden for him but I accidently bumped into your rose & it fell off & broke. So I cleaned ze mess up & quickly bought it here." he finishes quietly.  Then to his surprise you started laughing!  

 "Vhy are you laughing Y/N?" he asked very confused. "I'm laughing because I'm thinking on how ticked off Sulu will be when he finds out! & because that's the sweetest thing any one has done for say finishing off. "Vell, I don't think it's funny that Sulu vill probably come after me when he finds out." he mutters. "Don't worry Pavel, I won't let him hurt you." you say as you scuffle his curly brown hair & kiss his cheek. 

"All right then, only if you you don't mind this." then he moves your h/c hair from your face & kisses you on your lips."Mmm. I don't mind that at all. Now, let's watch the movie!"you say as you cuddle up next to him.

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