Chapter 7

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This chapter is slightly shorter than my normal ones, but this one does touches an incredibly sensitive and touching subject. If you're a very sensitive and suicide is a touchy subject for you then... I suggest you just skip over this chapter as it may be hard for you to read. But I don't know... it may help you a bit if you read this chapter... I don't know. But if you fell like this chapter is too much for you to handle, then feel free to just skip to the end...




Evelyn closed her eyes as she took one tiny step towards the edge of the almighty cliff.      

She could feel her heart beating in her throat, her hands and legs were all trembling with fear as she closed her eyes. Inch by inch, she edged closer to the end, barely a feet away from the horrifying drop. There were no trees at the bottom of the cliff, so Evelyn knew that there was no way on Earth that she could survive that drop.       

Not even a gallon of vampire blood could heal her in time before her death.     

A rush of cold, early autumn breeze picked up around the unsteady human girl. Droplet by droplet, warm, salty tears escaped Evelyn's eyes as she tried to come in terms what taking one more step would mean... She would die – of course – but it could also mean an end for that constant self-loathing she felt.             

It would stop everyone's mean comments behind her back and she would finally be free of her horrid destiny. Even though it had not even been a full 24 hours since her seventeenth birthday and that unfortunate celebration and mark of only 364 days until she had to leave everything she cared about behind.         

Not even 24 hours since Zayn's attack on Ethan, and already, people started to talk.       

The young Blackburn's love and affection for the young Redfern heir was no secret in their town. Before the whole thing with giving the honour of entering the Royal Palace to be the King's human rights consultant, Ethan and Evelyn used to be able to walk the street, hand in hand; they were happy and everyone knew that.       

The news of what happened spread fast; like wild fire. Everyone knew that Ethan, a mere human was attacked by the King; but nobody knew why. Nobody but Evelyn.        

By that morning, the assault was all over the tabloids, printed front page on every newspaper in the country and possibly the world. They spoke un-fondly of Evelyn and there were all kind of theories behind why had the King been so irrational to attack a human.                         

Most of them involved some kind of conspiracy about how Evelyn was playing the both of them, going behind the loving and compassionate King's back to have an affair with Ethan. In a moment of pure rage and betrayal, Zayn flipped and attacked Ethan to defend his love. Or they said that Evelyn was in fact going behind Ethan's back to seduce their precious King, to gain his affection and a free pass into the luxurious life of being a royal.    

But more often than not, the theory was that Evelyn and the King were in a secret relationship. Ethan, being an egotistic, selfish and imprudent human, didn't believe that the marvellous King was better than him and wanted Evelyn to himself. So Ethan Redfern tried to assault Evelyn; but was caught in the act by Zayn. This resulted in the King stepping up to defend his woman...

None of them reported the truth or even considered that their do-no-wrong King was actually the one to blame and that he was forcing Evelyn to give up everything she cared about in life just for his contentment.      

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