Chapter 2: Deja-Vu?

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I hesitantly stood next to Cameron, not making eye contact at all with him. I can't believe he is here out of all people. My successful year of no boys, has come to a abrupt end once he walked through those doors. Great.

We started posing for the camera, the director calling out some positions and poses he wanted us to do. I stood slightly in front of Cam with a serious face leaning slightly into him, while gripping my left arm. "What the fuck happened?" he whispered, "Why did you leave?"

I ignored his attempts to talk to me and got on with the shoot, which I was now waiting to be over.

Once it was finally done, I thanked the director and photographer before making a break for my dressing room. I rushed around the corner, spotting the door breathing out a sigh of relief. But that relief was short lived when I was pulled into a janitor's closet.

The lighting was dim but I could make out the tall figure, belonging to Cameron, standing in front of me. "What do you want? I'm kinda-" I started before getting cut off by a very familiar pair of lips. Is it me, or does this feel like Deja-vu?

I immediately pushed him off of me, "What the actual fuck?" I whisper shouted. A small look of hurt crossed his face before he masked it with a hard expression. "I-im sorry, its just..its been so long since i've seen you and...i-i missed you-I mean we all missed you" he said looking me in the eyes.

I didn't respond, I just kept the same look as I studied his unchanged face. "Why did you leave?" he questioned stepping closer, making me step back. I briefly remembered the humiliation of that moment and what it felt like to have three of the people you care about look at you with looks of disgust. I could feel the tears forming as what happened replayed in my mind.

I hardened my expression and gripped the door handle, "Goodbye Cameron" I said not answering his question. I quickly rushed to my dressing room, locking the door behind me and sliding down to the ground.

I held my head in my hands and let a few tears escape my eyes. Deep breaths, your stronger than this. They are a waste of tears, that day, is a waste of tears. I told myself.

I quickly got changed into a pair of sweatpants and a shirt before leaving the building, hoping not to bump into Cameron again.

I headed straight home where I was greeted by a burning smell.

"Uhh guys? What's that smell?" I asked walking to the kitchen. I was immediately engulfed in smoke and I coughed, trying to fan my face. "We tried cooking for you" Jc said from the stove. The smoke cleared a bit and I could finally see what they had done.

Kian was covered in flour and eggs and Jc had sauce everywhere on his shirt and face. I laughed at the sight, taking a picture of the two and posting it on Instagram.

"I really appreciate it, but I'm gonna go to bed" I said giving them a small smile before running upstairs.

I flopped onto the bed face first and let out a huge groan. Why? Why did Cameron have to be there?

"Gabriella?" A small voice asked from outside the door. "What?" I croaked, not lifting my head from my pillow. I heard the door creak open slightly before the bed dipped next to me and my face was covered in fur. "Hey Hazel" I cooed, sitting up. 

"Are you ok? What happened?" Kian asked sitting directly across from me. I continued stroking Hazel's blonde fur, not making eye contact with him, "I saw Cameron today, he was at the photoshoot" I said quietly. I didn't know I was crying till I felt a tear roll down my cheek. 

Instead of saying anything he just pulled me into him, wrapping his arms around me. We stayed like this for a while until Hazel got jealous and tried to nuzzle her way in between us both, making us laugh. "Don't cry, they aren't worth your tears. Look at how far you've come since then. You've released a single and are releasing another in a few days, you're also starring in a big hollywood movie and you have been cast for another. You've got directors lined up at the door to work with you, I mean come on. Just show them how big you've gotten and that they should regret everything." Kian ranted, trying to get me to stop crying. 

I couldn't help but smile at his ranting and how serious he was. "What are you laughing at?" he asks chuckling. 

"You" I tease shoving his shoulder playfully. "Thanks for cheering me up Kiki" 

"Ugh I told you not to call me that" he groaned throwing his hands up in the air. "It's cute" I replied earning a glare from Kian making me laugh again. 

"Wanna help me pick an outfit for my movie premiere tomorrow night?" I ask him. 

"Why not, I mean I am the fashion guru" he says flipping his non existent hair. I roll my eyes at him and walk over to my overflowing closet. "This is going to be tough" 

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