Hold you tight straight through the daylight, I'm right here

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the rest of the night was pretty boring for me. They just kept drinking and drinking while i sat there pretty sober. When it got to 3am I quietly walked off to the bedroom. There was only a double bed and a sofa so i lay down on top of the covers of the double bed facing the window which looked out over the town. It was such a beautiful sight, just seeing all these lights for miles and miles. I closed my eyes and began to drift off bit by bit. Just as i was nearly asleep i felt an arm wrap around my waist while i was lying down, sort of spooning me. Another arm warapped around the other side of me so their hands clasped together. Their body was right next to mine, making the exact same 'curled up in a ball' shape as me. I was afraid of looking to see who it was so i just looked down at their hands. No nail polish.. That meant it was either Ashton or Luke! But i find out who. All of a sudden Paige walked in holding hands with one of the boys. They walked round to my side of the bed where the couch was. i pretended i was asleep but i managed to catch a glimpse of which boy was holding her hand...and was now kissing her passionately! It was Ashton!.. Which meant... Luke was sleeping with me! A smile crept upon my face as i shut my eyes and began to fall asleep.

[picture of Luke and Kirsten asleep]

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