That i can take away your hurt, heartbreak girl,

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All of a sudden two hands pulled me by the collar towards them as our lips crashed together. They kissed me passionately and me not knowing what to do just kissed back with an equal amount of passion. I had no idea who this was and i was getting slightly nervous. Once they pulled away from me I opened my eyes and my jaws just dropped. Ashton and Paige were pointing at Luke. "Luke was that you?" I asked. He shook his head "Uhh nonononono that definitely wasn't me." He paused. I quickly kissed him on the cheek before getting up to go to the bedroom to lie down. I sobbed a little knowing the only reason he did that was because he was drunk. It probably meant nothing to him, but it meant the world to me. I heard the door slowly open but no voices spoke. Instead i only felt an arm wrap around my hips and hug me tighter. I cried even more thinking it was Luke until i noticed his hand had pink nail polish on it. "Paige? What are you doing?" I hid my face in the pillow. "Kirsten honey don't cry. He kissed you! Didn't you want that?" She sat next to me holding my hand, looking at me. "Not a drunk kiss that meant absolutely fuck all to him." I cried. "Look we'll go out there and you'll make him love you over the next few days after that kiss okay?" She smiled fixing my hair. I just nodded wiping the tears away from my face. "Once again you still look good after crying!" She pouted. I just giggled. She took my hand and dragged me back into the main area where the boys were chatting. Before they had time to notice us all i heard was "It was kinda amazing" from Luke before Ash signalled him to turn around. He quickly shut up as I sat back down on the floor.

[Picture of Paige comforting Kirsten]

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