A and D (20)

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I dropped my bag on the floor. Then, I collapsed on my bed, exhausted from the first day of school of the New Year.

The peaceful days of Holidays were over. Yeepee!

I hope you noticed my sarcasm.

I remember reading on some magazines the famous phrase, “School is Cool!” Yeah, right. What a piece of bull.

Clearly, those people who said that hadn’t experienced being picked on, insulted, and bullied. I admit that people in school stopped doing all those things to me since Aaron and I broke off our friendship. But still! It pissed me off that some people thought they could create an ideal High School.

And what was so cool about homework and pop quiz??

Anyway, it was same old same old. Dwayne got back from L.A. yesterday, after visiting his parents. He picked me up this morning, without warning me that he was coming at all.

During lunch, Dwayne gave me and Alyson miniature surfboard key-chains with our names on them. It was nice of him.

Throughout our club meeting this afternoon, Alyson and Dwayne proposed new ideas for the Stallion Press. I ordered the other members to do the requests forms which I would submit to the Principal later this week.

I was assigned to do the Sports Column for the rest of the school year. Surprise for me, I totally didn’t see that coming.

Sarcasm – again.

Hence, I had to watch every game of Basketball. It was a good thing that the Football season was finished last December. One more month for Basketball season, though. Not to mention, the State Championships in March.

Phew. This was going to be a busy year.

* * * * *

Researching was a tough work. Instead of watching movies, I had to surf the internet to find resources for the topic I picked.

My topic: Colonial Mentality in the Philippines.

Being a Fil-Am – as they called it – I grew up with my Mom telling me stories about her home country. Somehow, I was fascinated by it. But she also said that one of the major flaws of the Filipinos was Colonial Mentality.

And so here I was, researching about it.

I couldn’t believe that it was past the middle of January already, felt like it was only yesterday that I was complaining about the start of school and the upcoming works.

My research was interrupted when a window popped up.

BroadwayBoy16 request D_Evans permission to chat. Open chat?

That was Dwayne’s username. So I clicked Yes.

BroadwayBoy16: Still awake?

D_Evans: No. I’m asleep while typing this.

BroadwayBoy16: Uh-huh. What are you doing?

D_Evans: I’m researching. You?

BroadwayBoy16: Can’t sleep.

D_Evans: How come?

BroadwayBoy16: Been thinking about someone. :)

D_Evans: Oh? Who?

I was curious, obviously. I gave up on my assumption that he liked Alyson because he didn’t so much as blink when he found out that Alyson was dating Luke.

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