"Seriously? A penguin? Don't play Madagascar with me." I texted back. 

"Chanyeol who are you texting?" Jongin asked.

"Hmm?" I asked and looked up. "Um...just a acquaintance."

"Woah!" Sehun said. "What's with the hard vocabulary?"

"Its not that hard," I said and rolled my eyes. I kept my phone in my bag since recess was going to get over and I still had to finish my food. So, I decided that I'll talk to 'Private the Penguin' later.

 At the end of the day I checked my phone and saw that Private hadn't replied back to me. Maybe he or she was busy. I decided to walk back home when I heard a wolf howl. Yup! That's my message tone. I fetched my phone out and saw a text from Private Number.

"I am sorry I couldn't text back. I had my school." 

I stopped on the middle of the footpath and thought 'bout what should I reply back.

"Its okay. So you're in school? How old are you?" 

I again started walking and kept looking at my phone in my hand.

"Yes I'm in school and I am seventeen years old."

I immediately replied back by saying, "Oh so you're elder to me. Since you're a penguin I don't think I can call you noona or hyung....note the sarcasm. Just tell me what are you."

I waited for the reply. But instead of texting me it called me.

"Hello?" I said.

"Hey," it said. Wait no need of 'it'. Its a guy.

"So you're a guy," I said.

"Yeah I am a boy," he chuckled. "But please don't call me hyung. I feel old."

"Okay...Private," I said. "Is your name really Private? And how did you get my number?"

"Jeez," he said. "So many questions!"

"Its not 'so many' I just asked you to questions," I frowned.

"Whatever," he said. "The answer to your questions, Yes my name is Private and I have sources."

"Which school do you study?" I asked.

"Why are you gonna go and complain?" He laughed. His laugh is kind of cute. "Don't be that of teacher's pet."

"Listen," I snapped. "I am not a teacher's pet neither am I gonna go and complain, get it?" 

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