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“You better start running, Alexia,” he warned but I knew his strategies as well as my own. I sidestepped his deadly bear hug and kicked his man junk harder than I had meant to. He winced before crumbling to the ground, gasping. I laughed but stopped abruptly from the entrance of my dad.

It was obvious when he entered because he had a big presence that makes other people cower with fear and listen. His broad shoulders and high cheek bones gave a don’t-mess-with-me vibe that Zane had also inherited. The only difference they seemed to have was that while Zane had the clearest blue eyes, inherited from my mom, my dad had dark black eyes that bore into you when you did something wrong. His physical appearance was definitely an advantage when it came to play his duty as the Alpha. As for me, I had the same blue eyes, similar to Zane but I had straight dark black hair thanks to dad.

“Enough with this nonsense. Our guests are near. Only three minutes before they arrive,” he said strictly. His werewolf senses told him when the guest’s arrival would be. Zane and I also sensed it but that didn’t stop him from his playful remarks. He was such a kid sometimes.

“Alexia started it,” Zane smiled smugly, sticking his tongue at me when dad wasn’t looking.

“That’s not true you idiot!” I yelled and jumped onto his back, attempting to pull him down but it was hard with the heavy book in my hands. Okay, so I was childish to but I was the youngest.

“Lying is not acceptable little princess,” my brother smirked, grabbing me from his back and knuckled my head, messing my hair again. “Hello, Mrs. Tarzan. Aren’t you pretty today,” he laughed.

“Let go of me,” I kicked but he covered his man junk so my feet wouldn’t have a chance. “You’re mean you know that?”

“Yes, that’s why I’m your brother,” he grinned. I was about to say something unintelligent but dad beat me to the chase.

“They’re here. Act civilized!” he hissed, looking at Zane especially. Zane instantly let go of me and I fell to the ground. I gave him a death stare in which he returned with a smirk but he still helped me back up to my feet. “Marie, they’re here,” dad said more loudly so mom would hear.

My mom came out of the kitchen, her dirty blonde hair in delicate waves and a black dress draped over her curvy body and an apron to top it off. Mine wasn’t as curvy as hers and my straight black hair was as dull as can be. “Oh Alexia, your hair,” she tsked, trying to manage my heap of clumped hair.

“It was Zane.” I narrowed my eyes at my brother but he just gave me a sweet, innocent smile.

“Why would I do that to my lovely little sis?” He continued to smile and I had to fight the urge to jump on him again.

“Children,” dad chided and went to open the door.

“There you go. All nice and pretty,” mom said. She had miraculously tamed my messy nest of hair in record time.

“No thanks to him,” I stuck my tongue but he hugged me.

“I’m sorry Alexia,” he said, giving me a pitiful puppy dog face. “You know I love you.” He then gave me his full smile, putting his arms over my shoulders lazily.

“What a creep,” I rolled my eyes but laughed. “Love you to bro.”

“…This way to the dining room,” my dad’s voice trailed in the hallway. He appeared with two other men walking closely behind him.

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