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So, I didn't write last night. I'm sorry. I was really tired and I forgot all about it. But now, I started watching Deadman Wonderland and the OP kicks major ass. I prefer the Black Bullet OP though. Anyways, let's just get to the story.
I started browsing the "Deep Web" just for fun. I thought it would be a place where I could laugh at all the drugs and porn. Unfortunately, I was really wrong.

I went on the "Deep Wiki" and started browsing the page and links. Most were just links to drugs and illegal arms sites formatted like EBay. I found it amusing how people would actually go on these sites and use it. After a while, I ran across this one link that looked a bit strange. I haven't seen it yet so I just clicked on it and hoped for the best. I would soon learn to regret this decision.

I was linked to a site that had a bunch of pictures of humans brutally mutilated. At the very least, I could describe it as extremely disturbing. I saw the site description. I clicked on it. The sites logo was:
"Not everyone was created equal. We are here to prove it."

I was appalled at this. I thought whoever made this site was a sick psychopath. The description continued.

"We apply experiments of different variety and intensity to different people. Many are homeless civilians who wouldn't fare much better out there than here. We are doing this for mankind."

Many were homeless, and some were just normal people caught up by this sick people. Unfortunately, the acts done to them were truly horrible. These so called "experiments" could entail starvation and ware restriction, extreme pain and torture, extreme reactions to heat and cold, introductions to infections and diseases, and even infant tolerances to X-Rays, pain, and heat.

As this point, I'm extremely mad and my rage is slowly building up. How could they do this to people?!? After a while, I finally worked up the nerve to click on one of the pictures to look at the experiment and the result. In one I found especially sick and perverse, the "scientists" injected bleach into the womb of a twenty something year old woman who they made another test subject impregnate her. They found that the baby died after five days of exposure.

I see pictures of the experiment. It was horrifying to say the least. I kept clicking and viewing other experiments. Each one was worse than the last. Eventually, I saw a whole page dedicated to infants and toddlers, having experiments done on them.

I got to the bottom of the page. The suffering these people had to go through.. That's something no human should neither experience or witness. As I look at the screen in complete horror, a chat box appears.

"Hello. Are you enjoying the site?"
I reply to the random person.
"Who are you?"
He replies to me.
"I'm the creator of the site. Don't you find this just interesting?"
At this point, I'm getting extremely angry. This man is treating human life like an animal and a bit less. It was truly sickening and depraved. I reply to the man.

"This site is sick! How could you do this to someone."
"Now," he replies; "this is all for the good of mankind. I'm just seeing what I can prove."

I'm enraged. My head isn't thinking straight. I reply mad and full of anger:
"You are a sick bastard!"
Without thinking, I post something really stupid.
"I'm reporting you to the police!"

A brief pause follows my comment.
"Hmm" he writes. "Your name is Micheal, and you live in Massachusetts."
I was stunned. The information was correct. I don't know why I didn't close the browser there, but I replied:
"No! You're wrong!"

He then proceeded to write down an address. It was my address. The full, correct address. He ended the chat by saying:
"Have a nice day."

I closed the browser and slammed my laptop shut. I called the police before I even told my parents . The cops asked if they could see my computer to have the URL to shut it down. Unfortunately, Tor doesn't save your browsing history, so I couldn't even help the cops in shutting it down.

The cops said that they strongly recommend that we moved. Luckily, this happened around the time we were looking to move anyways. Our old house sold really quickly. We moved to the new house. I kept apologizing to my parents. I felt horrible about it. I still don't know if the guy was bluffing or not. Still, I don't want to take the chance that he wasn't...
I bet y'all missed the "Deep Web" tales. Well, this one was a good one for you. I hope you enjoyed. Oyasuminasai, everyone.

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