Chapter 1// Rule Number One, is That You got to Have Fun

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I was nervous walking down the halls. Maya told me to be confident and have an attitude with Lucas. Helping myself with my confidence, I hummed "Worth It" by Fifth Harmony.

Cause baby I'm worth it.

I made my way to my locker, seeing in the mirror, Lucas with yet another victim. Already.

I look at myself in the mirror and smile confidently.

"I got this." I whisper to myself. The bell rang, so I headed off to class. I had my dad's class first.

I took my usual seat and saw as Mr. Perfect strolled in. Late as usual.

My dad looked up as he walked in, "Late again, Mr. Friar."

Lucas laughed and took his seat, "Nice to know you can state the obvious." My dad rolled his eyes and handed him a detention slip. I laughed slightly at this, causing to Lucas to speak to me.

"What's so funny, Matthews?" Lucas said in a smooth tone.

I smirked and turned around to meet his gaze. Smirking, I spoke, "Just laughing at how you honestly don't take school seriously. Then I pictured you in the future when you're working at a crappy fast food restaurant or Walmart doing stupid shit all because you wouldn't try in school."

Lucas looked stunned for a moment. As did the whole class. I smiled primly and turned back around. My dad looked at me with a shocked expression. He shook it off and looked at me seriously, "Language, Riley."

I frowned and rolled my eyes. I raised my hand. My dad called on me irritated. "Yes?"

I took a deep breath then smiled. I stood up, "I'm just wondering how the balance of karma works." I turned around to Lucas. "If a person is nice when they are younger, but they are arrogant douches when they grow up a little, what happens?" I smirk.

My dad looked stunned at my question. "Well," he started, "It depends on if their actions are truly bad or fake, I guess. The truth behind the cause." I smiled.

My dad rolled his eyes, "You may sit now, Riley."

I smiled and took a seat. On Friar's lap. I looked at Lucas as he smirked, "Friar."

Lucas rolled his eyes, "You flirting with me, Matthews?"

I smiled as started to lean in, as I would kiss him. He did too. But I tricked him and spoke by his ear, "Sorry, but I don't date douches, so try harder. But it was fun to see yay you want to kiss me."

I got up and went to my seat. My dad was aggravated. I smiled and opened my notebook. I saw the entire class staring at me, so I smirked at my dad, "Continue with the lesson now please."

And like that I had competed the first stage. Getting his attention and having an attitude of flirtatiousness and teasing. Besides rule number one on becoming a heartbreaker, is that you gotta have fun. And boy was I.

I do not own "Worth It" by Fifth Harmony.

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