Cos i'm just a sucker for anything you do,

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We began to leave the venue, openign the main doors and entering the cold Glasweigan air. We walked arm in arm dow the street towards the train station. You see i loved Paige because in situations like this, she was always there to make me feel so much better. After we walked so far there was an awkward silence. I decided to break it by simply asking her if she was thirsty. "If you are we could go to the shop on the way to the station." She nodded her head yes as a response and we strolled casually into the shop. We began to scan the aisles for anything we were interested in. Just as i turned into the drinks section a shady figure bumped into me. I fell to the ground. He was wearing dark skinny jeans, a dark jumper with the hood up covering his face and purple converse. "Hey next time watch where you're going." rubbing my elbow i had whacked off the ground. "Shit! I am SO so sorryhere let me help you up!" an extremely attractive Australian accent exclaimed. The figure tried to help me up but i pushed them away, getting myself up and brushing myself off. "Come on Paige, lets get what we need and go," I said agitated. "Wait!" the voice exclaimed, "I need to make it up to you somehow! How about you get what you're getting and i take you back to my hotel and check you're ok?" I stared at him blankly. "Mate i have no fucking clue who you are! I am NOT going back to your hotel room to let you fucking rape me!" I yelled turning on my heel. Before i could do much storming off he grabbed my arm and slowly pulled down his hood looking at me with sorry eyes. 

"NOW will you come back with me?" He asked slightly begging me.

[Picture at bottom right of Kirsten after the Luke thing]

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