Saying that your heart hurts, thought you'd never get over him getting over you,

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I stumbled off the train, pulling Paige along with me. I knew i shouldn't have worn heels.. Well they weren't even proper heels, they were hi-tops with hidden wedges but i still stumbled about, me being my clumsy self. "I told you not to wear them!" Paige sighed, squeezing me lightly in a hug. I hugged her back and began to shake her frantically with excitement.

"I can't believe we're going to see the boys!" I yelled a little too loudly so everyone turned to look at me. Luckily 'everyone' wasn't alot of people, we were 5 hours early so we had a long wait outside the venue. Eventually the doors opened and they let us take our spots on the floor. It looked so small without loads of teen girls. We managed to get right at the front, Paige and I obviously using this as an excuse to fangirl again. We had a long hour wait till the support act came on. I tried to enjoy it as much as i could but i couldn't help but take my mirror out every five seconds. Paige began to notice me act weirdly.  "Kirsten are you ok? You're acting strange." She looked at me concerned. "Yeah i'm..I'm fine. I'm just worried i look awful because the boys might catch a glimpse of me and if i look terrible i'll die if they notice me, especially with Luke." I sighed scratching the back of my neck anxiously. "You look gorgeous Kirsten! Don't worry, Luke will LOVE you! I just hope to god he notices you! Well, looks like my baby boy Ashton won't notice me anyway, he'll have a drumkit in the way!" She giggled. She always managed to make every situation perfect, she just knew what to do and when.

[Picture at bottom right of Paige and Kirsten hugging obviously xD]

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