Jason McCann (2)

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"Where do you live?" Fuckboy 1 asked. Yup that's his name since he won't tell me his real one.

"I live on Y/S/N." I said quietly. He chuckled.

"No need to be scared babe. I would never hurt you." He said putting his elbow on my door pane. I smiled to myself slightly. That was really sweet.

When we got to my house I got out and tried to grab the bag from him. "I got." He said opening his door.

I shrugged and walked to my door. I waited for him to get up the steps before I unlocked it.

"Nice place ya go here." He said setting the bag on my table.

"Thanks fuckboy." I said grabbing it and walking to the fridge. "Did you just call me a fuckboy?" He asked.

"Well of course!" I said sarcastically. "What the fuck is a fuckboy?" He asked confusingly. I looked at him strangely.

"A weak nigga." I said smirking. He raised his eyebrow slightly.

"So you think I'm weak?" He asked. "Just a little." I said walking of to my cookie counter. All of a sudden I was pinned against the count.

"What the hell?" I said. I looked up and sen this fuckboy smirking at me. I'm officially terrified. "I had to show you I wasn't weak. So how you feel now?" His smirk grew.

"Uh uh-" Ding Dong. Someone is at my door. My head and so did his snapped in that direction. "Who is that?" He whispered. I shrugged.

I pushed him away from me and walked to the door. I looked in the peep hole and seen the cops. "It's the police." I whispered.

"Aw shit." He said then ran to the back of my house. Warrant much?

"Hello?" I said as I opened the door. "Hello ma'am, may we talk with you?" The one man said. I nodded and opened the door wider.

They walked in looking around. "Uhm you seen Jason McCann?" He asked. I raised my brows.

"Who sir?" I asked looking at him. "This guy." He said pulling out a picture.

My chin dropped. "Uh- uh no I have not. But I will make sure to call you as soon as I do!" I said quickly.

They nodded slowly. I walked them back to my door.

"Have a nice night ma'am." The other said. I smiled and nodded.

I closed the door and placed my forehead on the crack. Oh god there's a criminal in my house.

"Are you okay babe?" I heard him say. I froze in place. I slowly turned around.

There he stood smirking. Jason McCann. Worlds most wanted criminal.

"Maybe we should talk." He said walking closer to me. His smirk growing by the second.

"Maybe I could tell you some things." He started kissing my cheek and my neck then my shoulders. I got chills my his lips.

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