Temptaion - Lust

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Alright so here's another short story aout temptation. Give me your true honest opinion about it and be sure to point out nay mistakes that you see. Well here it goes. I hope you like it.

Temptation - Lust



                I looked out the windows of my office. The night slowly began to seize the day and the sun made its way into hibernation. The lights of the city were beginning to glitter in the dim sky.  

I closed my blinds shut and turned around. There she was leaning up against my desk. The business suit clung to her curves. Every man in the department wanted her. She was the catch of the week, is how they referred to her. With her strawberry blonde hair and luscious lips I could definitely get why every guy in the office pursued her.

I watched her intently as she took off her business jacket leaving her in her silk camisole that infatuated the curves of her breast.  She was going to make me go crazy.

She slowly walked back to office door and she shut it and locked it. I licked my lips as my eyes repeatedly scanned her body. She walked back towards me moving her hips seductively to try and pull me in. Damn, I had to say that it was working. I swallowed hard in anticipation. She moved closer to me. I felt her lips gently brush my jaw line. She brought her lips to my ear.  I could feel  the wetness of her tongue. Her soft lips grazed my ear and her sweet breath ticked my lobe.

“I’m yours” She whispered alluringly. My heart rate accelerated. She began to unbutton my shirt with her hands.

“Cindy” I gasped.

“Yes, Mr. Carlisle?” She answered as she grabbed the bulge in my pants bewitchingly. Damn she knew what she was doing.

“Oh God!” I gasped as I pinned her against the wall and pressed my lips against hers. I tasted her and savored the flavor that resided in her mouth. It was cunning but also sweet. My tongue slivered its way in contacting with hers. She was making me hot and I knew that she could tell.

I began to reason. I shouldn’t be doing this. I shouldn’t be here in this situation right now, but my body was not corresponding with my mind and I had no clue why. Maybe it had something to do with what belonged in my pants.

I lifted her up and she wrapped her legs around my waist. I ran my hands along her slender legs and up her skirt. I walked her over to my desk. I pushed everything that was in the way off of the desk before placing her on top. I pulled back and stared at her for a moment. Out of all the men in the office she just had to choose me.

“Make me scream!” she gasped as she unbuckled my belt and slipped her hands inside my pants. She gripped my manhood and began stroking me.

“Mhmmmmm” I moaned as I ran my fingers through her hair. I looked past her and caught glimpse of the woman posing on my desk.

 What the hell was I doing? I was a married man. I had a loving wife and two kids at home. We had the perfect marriage. I couldn’t step out on her. I loved her too much to do this and hurt her.

I grabbed her hands and immediately stopped her from what she was doing.”I can’t do this!” I told her while looking into her eyes.

“Why Not?” She questioned. She knew why not, but I answered her anyway.

“I’m married.” I told her.

“I won’t tell your wife if you don’t” She responded in and entrancing tone. I shook my head to try to clear my mind.

“That’s not the point” I said as I stepped away from her.  I zipped up my pants and buckled my belt.

“You should leave.” I told her. She gave me this look before hopping off my desk and leaving out the room.

 I sat down in my chair and closed my eyes and leaned me head back. I was just about to make the biggest mistake of my life. How the hell had I even gotten myself in that situation? I packed up my things in my briefcase and I headed home.

 I pulled into my driveway and I composed myself. I didn’t need anything to give away that something had occurred at the office. I grabbed my brief case and then I got out of the car. I strode up the sidewalk to the front door. I stuck the correct key in the lock and I walked inside. My wife greeted me at the door with our two year old baby girl resting on her hips.

“Hey Babe!” she said. “I missed you” she added. How could I had stepped out on this?

“Daddy!” My five year old daughter interrupted as she ran into the foyer and jumped into my arms. I picked her up and kissed her for head. “I love you Daddy!”

“I love you too sweetheart.” I replied to her. I stared at all of them. I was so glad that I had not given in at the office, because it wasn’t worth it. An hour of pleasure wasn’t worth losing all of this. My family, my home, and my loving wife. There was something great about coming home to a loving family, who waited until you got there to eat dinner.

“Come on let’s eat.” My wife said as she began to walk towards the kitchen. I followed her happy that I didn’t let Temptation overpower me.

But that is the thing about Temptation. It will always be there tomorrow, always waiting.

Temptation is like the waves of the ocean gently but persistently wearing away the shoreline. Like Temptation , it knows the day will eventually when everything softens, and then crumbles.

I looked around the table staring at my family. My wife smiled at me and I smile back. It definitely was not worth it.

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