chapter 1

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Ashlee's POV:

That's all I head these days is maybe. What does that even mean? Well, who cares. I'm not going to worry about it.

I've always been told maybe. I ask a boy out. Maybe.

I ask to go out to eat. Maybe.

It's never a yes or no. But one day that changed. I was accepted at LSU. London State University.

I was thrilled. I packed almost everything. I kept some things behind that brought back terrible memories.

I grabbed my bag and headed downstairs. My mum was in the kitchen making breakfast.

I sat down at the table with my sister, Mia.

"Why are you so famous?" I ask her. She shrugs, reading her script to a movie and TV show.

"The Fosters and Teen Beach Movie. This is going to be awesome. I hope you get to see the movie and show." Mia said.

"Ashlee Mitchell. You have mail." Mum said.

I grabved the mail from her hand. It's a letter from Josh, my boyfriend.

"Hello, love... I'm sorry to say, but we have to break up. It's not you, its me... I've developed feelings for someone else... and it's not you... I'll always love you, but I can't be with you anymore... I'm sorry. I'll always love you, I swear! I'm going to miss you. And I got you something... check the envelop-"

I lookes in the envelop. There's a necklace.

"- I know you probably hate me, and won't wear it, but that's for you to remember me... I love you.


Josh Hutcherson."

I don't cry. I don't shead a tear. I put the note in the trash and put the necklace on my pocket.

"What did you're boyfriend say?" Mia asked. She took a bite of her toast.

"He broke up with me." I said, smiling. She dropped her toast. "Babe, don't smile. You should be devastated. You should be calling him, screaming at him. Anything other than smiling!" She hopped off her stool and walked up to me.

"I'm not you. I'm me. And I saw it coming. He's famous. I'm not. I'll see ya later, Mia." I said.

I left for college.

College wasn't so far away, but it wasn't so close either. Just a 3 hour and 21 minute drive.

I'm use to it. So use to it. I always go to London to look at the city. It's a fun and quiet drive.

Doncaster was so energetic. I just had to get away.

I turn on the radio and Bob my head to the music. I sing along too.

I smile, pulling up to LSU. I turn off my car and grab my things, that were in the back.

I walkes up the steps and inside. It's huge! I walked up to a desk and signed in.

"Here's you'd key, darling. Your room number is 721. Have a wonderful 4 years." The woman smiled.

I returned it and headed to my room. No ones in here. Good. I sat my bags down and started to unpack.

I placed my books on a shelf above my bed. I put my toothbrush and toothpaste in the bathroom. Along with my shaving cream.

A girl, my age, came in. She looked at me.

"Oh, Hi! I'm Sophia." She smiled. She had long brown hair and brown eyes.

Her smile reached her eyes. I smiled back, shaking her hand. She put her things on her bed and started to unpack.

She pulled out a pair of ballet shoes.

"You dance?" I asked. She shook her head; no. "These are my cousins. She gave them to me as a present." She said.

"Oh." I nodded. "I'm a model." She smiled, setting the shoes on her nightstand.

"That's cool. I'm not anything. I want to be an author." I told her. She sat on her bed and listened.

We talked for a few hours, then took a tour around the place. We had some classes close to each other.

"I'm going to be in drama." I told her. "Same!" She squealed. I giggled. She hugged me from the side.

This is going to be very fun. I can already tell.

Cast list:

Ashlee Mitchell: your imagine

Harry: himself

Rose: Lux

Louis: himself

Zayn: himself

Niall: himself

Liam: himself

James: James Maslow

Josh: himself

Sophia: herself

Mia: herself

Ashlee's mum: Mia's mum

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