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Pen Your Pride

After the class ran wild we went outside all of the class did we returned on a portable speaker did some music then one kid went to get a lot of pizza with some money kids and my gang donated then came back with pizza and beer then less just say after school was over. We were still partying kids joined so on through the day.

Then some girl drooled over David Becam I don't know how to spell or pronounce his last let's just say I got his number and then we hit off we got any off and on relationship.

We all partied through the afternoon till the school called the cops we were arrested yep arrested my dad took me and Sam home but after me and Anglea had a kiss saying well see each other soon but her dad is a butt so ya.

Following my dad home in my car Sam following behind me then in to the house. "WHAT THE HELL BELLS?!!!!" My dad yells "What dad having fun is not against rules we didn't do anything no booze no graffiti so what?!!" I yell and lie believe me my lieing has been improved.

"ISABELLA MARIE SWAN DON'T SPEAK TO ME YOU LITTLE WHORE !!! " He says slapping me I gasp how dare he so I punch him out of reflex. Sam was crying in the corner then someone charged through the door it was Paul and surprisingly Angela then followed bye super speed and the last thing just I saw was me, Anglea, Paul, and Sam in a corner while people in cloaks came through the houses.

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