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Yllianna's note: This is a really short story that i came up with I don't know how many years ago. Naruto fan-based po siya. Maka-Naruto po kasi ako he he. Adik lang. LOL

Anyways, fan ako si Sasuke nung mga time na sinulat ko 'to. Well Sasuke fan pa rin naman ako pero di na kagaya nang dati. Medyo na lang ngayon. LOL. Anyway (ulit), I just had this thought "what if nasa world ako ni Naruto? Ano kaya ang role ko dun?"  

I thought about accidentally discovering "Naruto's world" which is supposed to be real but is hidden from the rest of the world. And I was stuck in that world coz I don't know how to go back to ours. As usual Sasuke's being a jerk blah blah blah....

Hay naku, basahin nyo na lang po yung story. Super short lang siya AS IN.

Read, comment and vote po............


“Why are you even still here?”

I stared at him with a somewhat disbelief look in my eyes.

“Why? Well in case you haven’t noticed, I can’t leave this place. Hell, I can’t even leave this village without bodyguards”, I said sarcastically in a voice that’s a little louder than my normal range. “I’m stuck here, Sasuke.”

“You’re stuck here because you want to be stuck here. You CAN leave if you want to. But that’s just it, isn’t it? You don’t want to leave.”

“How can I leave? I don’t have a clue on how to leave this place.”

“Ask Tsunade to help you out.”

“I did. She said she’s working on it with a small group of powerful and trusted ninjas. But it’ll take time.”

“How much time? She should have already figured out a way to get you out of here by now”, he said with an impatient tone. 

I chuckled.

“You just can’t wait for me to get lost, can you?”

He did not make a comment. He just stared at something from afar. Like he’s thinking about something.

“Why do you care if I stay or not anyway? Why can’t you just leave me alone? I’m not even bothering you anymore.”

“Because I don’t want you here.”

“Yeah I get that. But why, Sasuke? Why?”

“Because…you don’t belong here”, he said in a cold voice.

I can see the coldness in his eyes. There was just no emotion at all that even if I can see through his eyes I know I wouldn’t see anything in there. I know I wouldn’t see the reason behind his indifference towards me.

I made friends here. He knew I HAVE friends here. The same friends that he have. The same friends that risked their lives to save his are now willing to do the same thing for me. And he knew that for a fact. I have a home here. I may have not been born here or grew up here but I have started a life in this place. I have people here that I can call my family. He knew that. And he said I don’t belong here? Does he really hate me that much?

Without realizing it two teardrops run slowly down my cheeks. They were followed by many more that I couldn’t count anymore nor hold back. I stared at him in disbelief. How can he hate me this much?

I felt my body starting to get numb. And my heart starting to break into a million little pieces. I knew at this point my eyes reflect the pain that I never thought I would feel because of him. And yet I could see no change on his cold face.

I could not take the pain that’s greatly increasing every second that I look into his eyes any longer. With my legs both shaking, I turned around and run as fast as I could away from the young man that I have been secretly in love with.

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