Chapter 16

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*Ajay Pov*

I rubbed my forehead after she walked away and then felt something in my hand. I glanced at it to see a rose flower I bought for her when buying a bouquet for Mom and Dad.

"Ajay! You have to stay away from her." I heard Mom's voice and turned to see both Mom and Dad standing beside me.

"Why, Mom?" I asked her frowning.

"You are giving her more attention, and it is not the right thing. I don't trust her." She replied frowning.

"She is good girl Mom." I said defending her.

"See, you are already defending just some secretary in front of your Mom. She is already doing something to make you fool." Mom said worriedly.

"Mom! I will never become a fool, and she will want anything than to make me a fool." I said shaking my head.

"No! I am seeing you from this past one week, and I can tell that you have an interest in her. Did you forget she is divorced and can be some cunning girl?" Mom asked holding my hand.

"Mom! She is really a good girl and doesn't have, not even one bad quality, so stop all these thoughts." I said sighing.

"Nilesh, say something to him. I don't want to lose my Son too." Mom said, and I glanced at Dad.

"I will not talk about anything regarding this matter." He said, shaking his head and walked away.

"Did you forget what happened to Durga? Do you want to have the same fate?" Mom asked with tears in her eyes.

"Trust me, Mom! I can never forget and don't worry about me at all." I replied, walking away towards my room and flopped on my bed.

I closed my eyes and thought how can I tell her that I can never forget about what happened to her, even if I want to.

I opened my eyes, hearing the phone ringing. I glanced at the clock to see that it is 10'o'clock clock in the night.

"Hello!" I said, lifting it without seeing the caller ID.

"Bhai!" I suddenly heard Durga's sobbing voice.

"Durga? What happened?" I asked her frowning.

"I got betrayed, Bhai. I don't want to live anymore." She replied crying.

"Is it some joke, Durga? What are you saying?" I asked her getting up and lost all the sleep.

"Sahil betrayed me and left me, Bhai. He left me as, I... I am pregnant Bhai. He said he is not interested in marriage." She replied crying more.

"Who is this Sahil, Durga?" I asked her rubbing my forehead processing what she said.

"I have been dating him for past one-year, Bhai and now he left me. I can't live anymore Bhai." She replied crying more.

"Durga..." I started to say, but she cut me off saying, "I already wrote a letter to Mom and Dad. I don't want them to know about my pregnancy. But I don't want to hide anything from you, and I want you to love me even after this."

"Do you really want to leave your brother Durga? Is that guy so important for you that you want to leave our parents and me?" I asked her frowning.

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