49. Walk of Shame

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*so guys let me begin by saying this: the Asterisks that are on inappropriate chapters are there so people who may not be comfortable reading 'more heated' scenes know and are aware so they can skim past it, it doesn't mean they're having sex it's more of a waning! Speaking of that, the next two chapters are what youve all been waiting for... Now, happy birthday Caroline I believe I'm not sure if there's birthdays sorry about that! Tumblr (ask me anything): mckenduhx.tumblr.come twitter: @perksofharryx screen name mckenduh. I love you guys, thank you so much for reading:)*

49. Walk of Shame.

Jamie "courteously" drove me back to my flat. I stumbled out incredibly sore and pissed off at what happened. Not pissed that I got to see Jamie again, just that I broke my promise. Again.

Talking to Jamie was... Nice. It's not that I ever stopped caring about him, and it's not that I hate him. You can't just forget about someone you love(d).

I think I know why Jamie is the way he is. Like he said his father. When I met his dad, he was nothing but lovely. Really sweet actually, such a gentlemen. I did notice, however, he kept a mindful eye of Susan, his wife.

Thinking about Jamie, only made me want Harry more..

I went into the building and scrambled up the treacherous stairs to our floor. As I neared in on our room I felt my heart sink in my chest and my eyelids become heavy.

I twisted open the knob and pushed it open looking inside. The tele was on, and Harry's gorgeous body was sprawled on the couch. I smirked as I walked around the back of the couch, peering on the other side to watch the sleeping baby before I woke him, with the sound of a constant rain.

I stood in the bathroom slipping from Jamie's clothes cringing as I examined the bruises and scratches and love bites last night has graced my body with.

I turned on the scolding water and began to run it over my body. I grabbed the bar of soap and pressed as hard as I can against my flesh. The foaming of the bar against my body made me feel clean. I finished my shower and looked in the mirror. I looked at my skin that was a raw red colour from the scrubbing and a bruise was worn on my hip and one on my lower back. I rolled my eyes and was about to walk out of the room when I saw my collar sat on the counter. My eyes became wide as I picked up the torn fabric.

He actually listened to me.

I walked out and glanced at the couch, but Harry was gone. I took drawn out steps to my room, and my door was open just a crack. I swallowed the lump in my throat and pushed it open. Harry sat, smiling at me. I gave a light smirk at the gorgeous green eyes and dimples staring back at me. He winked and nudged his head for me to come closer. I obeyed but stopped in reaching distance but he didn't touch.

"How was last night?"

"Lovely," I lied pausing. "Met up with some friends, we had loads of fun. Drank a bit talked a lot, LeeAnne is getting married, I suppose she is 21 but wow time goes by fast." I lied through my teeth, although I do know LeeAnne is most definitely getting married I had no meeting with her and directly talked about it with her. She sent it through a group message... "How was yours?"

"Alright." He shrugged looking down my body then back at my face. "Missed you though." He rested with his hands behind his back his palms flat against the mattress.

"I'm sure you did." I nodded turning around going into my drawer. I dropped the towel to my ankles, and opened the drawer reaching for my underwear. I picked out the thong, that Harry bought me for valentines day, but before I slid it on, I looked at it, memories flooding back to me.

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