Chapter 6: The Spy

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The next night, the gang and I were sitting in the lot with the Shepard gang.  Two-Bit was cracking jokes like usual, most of them cheesy, Darry was showing off his muscles to a couple of the Shepard boys, Steve and Soda were talking about cars with each other, and Dally was chatting with Tim probably trying to provoke a fight with him just for fun.  I was sitting around with Steve and Soda attempting to throw a pun somewhere into their conversation just to get a rise out of them.  I knew Steve would overreact like he normally does, but Soda would just laugh along like he usually does; he always laughs at my jokes no matter how lame they are.  A red stingray corvette pulled up into the lot.  A certain red head got out of the car and walked over to the group.  It must’ve taken a lot of nerve coming over to our side of town without anyone else and talking to a bunch of greasers; you would think she cared about her reputation, but it looked like she was just sick of the whole rivalry.

“I heard about the rumble.” Cherry said coolly.  You could see the fear in her eyes, but she sure didn’t show it.  I didn’t really like Cherry Valance because I always thought she was some stuck up cheerleader and after I heard the she was taking a liking to Ponyboy, I really didn’t like her.  I didn’t know if she came here to talk smack about the rumble or was going to declare her love for Dallas Winston. 

“Came back for me, huh babe?” Dally asked, “they always do.” He whispered to Tim.  She shot him the dirtiest look.  

“I wanted to come by and say that Bob was a jerk and deserved what he got.  It was his fault he died and Ponyboy and Johnny skipped town.  You greasers aren’t that different.” She explained. 

“We’re a whole lot different. What do you know about us?  You’re just some Soc.” Steve shouted. 

She looked down at her shoes then back up at us, “Just because we have it better doesn’t mean that we don’t have problems too.  Not all of us are the same.  I feel bad about the whole thing because it’s my fault and I could’ve made the situation easier.”

I rolled my eyes.  ‘You got that right.’  I was skeptic about the whole idea of Cherry coming over into our territory.  She had to be up to something and what would a soc like her want with greasers like us?

Cherry continued, “Look, I’m willing to spy for you guys for the rumble.  These guys are way out of line, blaming it on your kind.”

“Thanks Cherry, we could use a spy.” Darry spoke for the group. 

I shot Soda a glance and I could tell that he was thinking the same thing, ‘Are you kidding Darry! You’re really going to trust a soc?’  I scooted closer to him trying to give him the impression I was scared.  Everyone knew I was as tough as greaser girls come and I didn’t want to ruin that reputation, but I’d do anything to make Soda want to comfort me. 

“You know anything yet?” Two-Bit asked in a serious tone, which was unusual for him.

I looked over to Soda and raised an eyebrow.  He put his hand over top of mine and I was praying this was the start of something.  I knew a lot of disappointment at an early age, so I quickly reminded myself to lower my expectations.  ‘Don’t think anything’s going to happen because it’s not Colly, it never will, get that through your damn head.  Last thing you need is to ruin a perfectly good friendship like you always do, screw up.’

I snapped back into reality to find Soda’s hand still lying on top of mine.  “They play by your rules, no weapons, it’s a fare fight.  Randy told me.” She said.

“And how do we know Randy’s telling the truth?  Just yesterday, him and his buddies tried to jump Colly and I.”  Soda piped in.

“He’s not like that, I’ve known Randy for a long time and when he tells me something, especially now, I’ll believe it.  Randy’s not going to pull anything; he’s not even going to the rumble.  He thinks it’s stupid and won’t change a thing.”

Sodapop turned towards me and whispered in my ear,  “I don’t believe shit from her.”

I couldn’t help but laugh and I nodded back at him.  Cherry Valance said her goodbyes and walked away to her corvette followed by Dally.  We could all hear him talking to her.

“Look, I know we didn’t get off to a good start, but how about you and I go to a movie or a bar and do whatever you like? You dig?” he asked smoothly.

Before she got in the car, she turned sharply to Dally, “Go to hell.” And with that, she drove off.

“Can-can you teach me how to pick up chicks Dal? I could really use some advice.” Two-Bit teased in between snickers. 

Dal slapped him right in the side of his head. “Shut up!” he lit up a cigarette by the fire and smoked away his rejection. 

Later on, the Brumley gang showed up with booze and we all ended up drunk and setting fires to our fair city.  I was curious to see where I would wake up. 


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