31 Fading Zen

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He's got to pull himself together.  He can control this. 

"Sorry Haz.  Just- figured fighting has never gotten us anywhere.  I'm feeling a bit dehydrated.  Aren't you?"  Louis turns away from Harry to finish his drink because he can't for the life of him keep his eyes from spazzing out.

He feels the chilled water fill his stomach and the nausea hits him full force.  He isn't surprised by this since his body is so unaccustomed to the effects of the drug.  He leans into the sink and throws up.  Purging out the unwanted in Louis' body feels cleansing on a physical and emotional level.  It smells of his distaste for Niall; of whom he probably harshly misjudged.  Niall has a story of his own and probably just needs a big hug from Harry.

"God, Louis!  What's wrong?  Are you sick?"  Harry presses a hand to Louis' forehead and Louis has to keep from clinging to Harry.

"Still a bit hungover.  Sorry.  I'm fine.  Just need to keep drinking water; and brush my teeth."  God, how brushing his teeth sounds fantastic.  Clean and fresh and minty.  "Help me upstairs?"  Louis holds out his arms for Harry, desperate for Harry to touch him more.

Harry picks him up bridal style and Louis is really close to his face.  Louis sticks his nose into the crook of Harry's neck and he feels like he is floating in a swimming pool of velvet raspberries. 

He opens his mouth to suck lightly on Harry's skin.  The taste fills his sinuses so strongly that he can feel it hitting directly into his brain.  Harry's only making him higher, and he's about to go up really rapidly.

His feet start tingling and he lolls his head back into Harry's shoulder.  Normally he would feel like he needs to move more, but Harry is touching so much of him that he can feel every contact point between them and it feels like rapid fire bullets every time their bodies create the slightest friction between each other.  Louis' entire body is a million tiny bullets shooting fire through his skin.  He can feel it go deeper until it starts tingling his stomach and heart and brain.

He is set in front of a sink and sees himself in the mirror with Harry standing beside him.  He thinks it's been forever since he's looked at himself with this much detail.  His skin looks like a graham cracker, and he wonders if it tastes half as good as Harry's.  It looks a little dry too, and even though he's got really small pores, he thinks some cold water would be good for it.

The faucet creaks on and he hears the water surge up from the pipes and slowly drip out through the holed filter.  The water is so beautiful, and really it's amazing that clean water is accessible at all times- from the time he was born till now.  What a great privilege.  He remembers having to buy thousands of bottled waters in Thailand with Zayn because they didn't have proper filtering systems.

I bet Harry thinks about this too.

"Do you ever think about how great modern luxuries are?  Like, what made us so special that we got to come here?  And does it make us able to live more fully, or are those deprived of luxuries, who are forced to find happiness in the simplicity of their lives, the ones who are living it more fully?"  Louis sticks his finger under the water and his whole body instantly feels like he's been dunked in the Arctic ocean.

He pulls out his toothbrush and squirts toothpaste onto it, wondering who decided to make toothpaste blue.  The bristles of the toothbrush feel like they're massaging his gums and the paste feels chalky but smells like Wintergreen and Louis sees trees when he closes his eyes.

Once his whole mouth is brushed, he's really tempted to do the whole process again, but doesn't want to for fear of making his gums bleed.  He spits the toothpaste out, glad that it leaves a fresh residue in his mouth and face.

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