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Lexi POV (A/N Betcha didn't expect that one!)
I watched as Percy and Annabeth kissed again and exploded inside. I act like I don't, but I have had a crush on Percy for a year! We have been friends since I moved to New York in 8th grade. We somehow both came to Goode high for highschool. Percy disappeared last year near Christmas and came back this year. He said he had family problems and went on vacation to Greece over summer. I don't really believe him, but I leave it alone. Now, as I was leading the 4 new kids to science, I was making strategized plans to break them up. I bet that she hasn't known him for as long as I have (they are in their Sophomore (10) year). We walked into the science classroom and I found my seat next to Mark. Mr. Sandy, (completely made up) the science teacher walked in.

"Attention class." He said trying to get everyone silent. "We have some new students today. Would you like to come introduce yourselves?"

"Hi! I'm Calypso Moonlace! I am from a small island in the Mediterranean Sea."

"Hello lovely peoples! I am the amazingly amazhang Leo McShizzal Valdez! I am from Houston, Texas."

"Hi. I'm Frank Zhang and I am from Canada but I moved to California before here."

"Hello! I am Hazel Levesque and I am originally from New Orleans, but I moved to Alaska and than to California before I moved here."

Mr. Sandy welcomed them and assigned seats. Hazel sits beside me. We started an experiment on fossils and I started talking to Hazel.

"I can help you if you need help. I like this unit about fossils and I am so excited to make them."
I, Lexi, am the nerd of our group of friends.

"Thanks." Said Hazel. "But I really understand it. My dad... works with rocks and gems and thing like that."

"So he's a geologist," I said.

"Sort of." I noticed how Hazel was very carefully choosing her words and looking at Frank now and again. Aww! They must be dating. I have a ship name. FRAZEL!! So ship them.
Did I forget to mention that I am also a fangirl? Anyway, getting distracted! We finished the first step just before the bell rang. To our next class, English! Maybe I can brainstorm a way to break up Percabeth for free write!
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