Chapter 9

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---- 86 days left ----

"So I bet you are all wondering why I've called you here today..."

"To get rid Jessie, it said in your text." Artie interrupted probably a long and rather thought out speech.

"I'm more curious as to why Dani's here. Isn't she your ex?" Kitty asked. The entire glee club turned to face the blue haired girl and she rolled her eyes.

"It's all part of the plan. So here's what we're going to do, Tina I need you to..."

---- The New York Hospital for Mental Patients ----


"Ma'am, calm down, we simply told her that her wife stopped visiting due to the patients living situations. She got out of that what she did. Not our problem. It was only to calm her down. Typically the patients in that ward get violent. Especially Patient 647."

"Her name is Brittany. She is not supposed to be in here, and I'll be back with my lawyers." The false cheery voice was the best intimidation technique, for such a situation. "That right, lawyerS, plural. I will not rest, I will not sleep, until my best friend is out of here and back with her wife. Do you know who you're dealing with? Do you have any idea the storm you've unleashed? I'M QUINN FUCKING FABRAY! I HAD A BABY AT SIXTEEN! SUE SYLVESTER, THATS RIGHT! THE NATIONALLY RANKED CHEERLEADING COACH RESPECTS ME!" I took a breath and got back into the false cheery voice. "I will destroy you." With that, I flounced away and when I got out I flipped out my cell phone. I took a deep breath and dialed the memorized number and cleared my throat.

"Hello? Russell Fabray? This is Lucy Johnson, I have a case in New York to discuss with you."

---- At the diner ----

"This is so malicious it just might work." Puck was impressed.

"It's not her most evil plan." Tina said, flinching at the scowl from Santana.

"Sue could do better." Mercedes pointed out.

"Didn't she used to let blood thirsty dogs in the hallways though?" Asked Kurt.

"Fair point." Artie nodded.

"Whatever. I'm in." Blaine elbowed Kurt.

"In." His husband nodded.

"We're in." Tike said together.

"Im in. Anything to help Quinn." Kitty said with a smile. I find it hilarious she still respects me.

"You're going to get me killed but yeah I'm in." Sam said, and Mercedes put up her hand to show agreement.

"Two hundred, I'm not a fan of selling my body." Dani pouted.

"Guys I have no money, pitch in." Santana nodded at the table. Everyone grudgingly gave her a ten or a twenty.

"Strange you have no money when you're a recording artist." Mercedes pointed out suspiciously.

"Isn't it?" Mental hospital bills are expensive, so is alcohol. "We meet back her at o, twelve hundred tomorrow. Dani, you and I need to go shopping. Mercedes, you need to contact Rachel and get her out of the house. Tina, Mike, you'll get the getaway car. It has to be a rental. Everyone has their jobs? Move out bitches!"

---- A small coffeehouse in the east village ----

"Hello, I'm Lucy Johnson, we spoke on the phone." I reached out to shake hands with him.

"Russell Fabray. So if I understand correctly this is a mental health case." He shook my hand and say back down, sipping his coffee.

"Yes, my friend has been placed in long term care in a mental hospital."

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