By 7, everyone reached and I talked to each one of them. My friends looked surprised to see me in some Saree and being in charge of everything along with my Mom.

I called him after 8 but he didn't lift my call at all. I frowned and looked around to see everyone looking at their watches and frowning.

"Please have some dinner." I said making them have food, and I continued to call him.

I called the office phone, but no one lifted it. Everyone started leaving one after the other after dinner, but I just continued to call him controlling my tears.

I gripped the table and glanced at the looks my relatives giving me. I thanked all of them for coming, and they left one after the other.

"What is this Jiya? He should have at least come by now. It is 9 already." Mom said, shaking her head.

"Is there any problem?" Dad asked frowning.

"No! You both too can leave." I replied wanting no one near me at present.

I paid the bill and reached our home. I walked inside to see him watching the television.

"Ajay! You are here? I have been calling you." I said sitting beside him.

"My phone is in silent mode." He said and continued to watch.

"Did you forget about the surprise?" I asked him, frowning.

"No! But I didn't have the mood to go outside after returning home, so I stayed here." He replied shrugging.

I controlled my tears and walked inside our room. I lay on our bed and cried into the pillow. I don't know why but I couldn't forget the looks everyone gave me.

He doesn't know about them, so I can't blame him, but it is really hurting. I drifted off into sleep still crying.

Please god! Whatever it is, take away all the problems he is facing in his life...

"Jiya!" I felt someone shaking me, and I glanced up to see Mr.Mehra staring at me frowning.

"Yes Sir?" I asked him, frowning back.

"The house will be packed with few guests now for lunch. So we will go to the office and work." He replied, and I nodded.

Within some time, we reached the office and everyone looked at him with respect making me grip the bag tightly.

One thing I found out are many people are similar like in Mumbai branch. There are people of Ms.Rose category and then Mr.Raj category and also Ms.Malathi.

I called him in the lunch break and said, "Hello!"

"Am I imagining this? Is Ms.Jiya really calling me?" He asked.

"I think you 're imagining. I will hang up." I replied.

"No, no! How are you Ms.Jiya?" He asked.

"I am fine, Mr.Raj. What about you?" I asked him.

"Missing you badly." He replied, and I raised my eyebrow.

"Well, I am also missing definitely not you." I said, shaking my head and heard someone clearing their throat.

I glanced up to see Mr.Mehra is standing there folding his arms over his chest.

"I will call you later, Mr.Raj." I said hanging up.

"Is there any detail you needed from the Mumbai branch?" he asked.

"No, Sir." I replied.

"Then why are you calling, Mr.Raj?" he asked frowning.

"As this is the lunch break, I am talking to my friend Sir. Do you need anything, Sir?" I asked him, and he shook his head.

"We are going for lunch." He said.

"I can eat here, Sir." I said and he nodded, walking back inside his cabin.

I sighed and walked inside canteen overlooking everyone. I had my lunch and walked back towards my table to see him leaning on it.

"Yes, Sir?" I asked him.

"We are returning home. I am hungry." He replied.

"I had my lunch." I said sighing.

"Well, I didn't." he whispered and I nodded, walking downstairs with him.

"Here!" He said, and I turned to see him taking out a small rose from his coat.

"What for, Sir?" I asked him frowning.

"I just wanted to give it to you, Jiya. You love flowers right and that too roses." He replied smiling.

"I hate them." I mumbled, looking away and he didn't say anything as we reached his house.

"We can't work for the whole evening. Do you want to go somewhere?" He asked when we walked inside.

"I would like to sleep, Sir." I replied.

"There are good parks near to the house." He said, and I turned to see his mother walking near him along with his Dad.

"I am allergic to parks, Sir." I said, nodding and was about to turn.

"Allergic to the parks?" Madam asked confused.

"Yes Madam! I hate the smell of the senseless flowers and then the plants which grow them. The land where everyone walks with their families and lovers and then the benches where they take a rest." I replied and walked towards my room.  


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