Chapter 15

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*Jiya Pov*

When I walked outside the room, I saw few bouquets being placed in the living room. I frowned and walked downstairs to see words 'Happy anniversary' on each one of them.

"Today is Madam and Sir's anniversary." Lakshmi Kaki said walking towards me.

"Oh!" I mumbled and walked away from them.

I reached his office room and saw it empty. I frowned and sat at the table to begin working.

I started taking calls not allowing a single memory to enter my mind. I took a deep breath and was successful in stopping the memory.

But when he entered the room and sat at his desk, I couldn't help it anymore.

"Happy anniversary!" I whispered in his ear when the clock strike 12.

"Shut up and sleep, Jiya." He said using the same harsh tone which he was using for the last one month.

"What happened to you Ajay? This is the happiest day in our lives, and we should celebrate." I said, removing the blanket from his face.

"I didn't remember this day." He said, and I smiled.

"It's ok! I actually don't mind whether you remember it or not." I said kissing his cheek.

"What is this nonsense at this time of day?" he shouted and I frowned.

"Ajay! Is business, having a bad time? You are acting really different from the past one month." I said frowning.

"How else should I act? Do I have to smile at every second looking at you? Do I just have to tell my love every second? And do I have to follow you like a puppy?" he shouted, getting up from the bed.

"Ajay!" I whispered in complete shock.

"Yes! You want all this from me, and it is already one year, so grow up." He said leaving the room, and I just sat there stunned.

I walked towards the living room after a few minutes to see him sleeping on the couch. I sighed and placed a blanket over him before walking inside the kitchen to put the cake back in the fridge.

In the morning, I opened my eyes to see him getting ready. I got up from our bed and walked towards him slowly.

I placed my lips on his without giving a second to say anything, and kissed him telling my love.

He kissed me back, holding me tightly, and I held him in the same way. In some kind of urgency, he started pestering kisses and then removed his tie and then the shirt.

He pushed me on the bed and made love to me. I snuggled closer to him after that with a smile on my face.

"I shouldn't have shouted at you." He whispered.

"It's ok! And I will forgive you if you reach our favorite restaurant by evening." I whispered back.

"I will be busy." He said getting up.

"I will be waiting. And be there at 7 please." I pleaded a few times and drifted off into sleep.

I woke up and got ready to finish all the remaining preparations. I called my relatives, my family and then my friends for the party in the evening.

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