Daemonium: Copyright + Author's Note

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Daemonium: Copyright + Author's Note

❝But in the end one needs more courage to live than to kill himself.❞ ― Albert Camus

Incubi were complex, brutal creatures. While they thrived on chaos, their selective methods were calculatedly strict. The vanished were always eighteen years old when, or if, they were taken by an Incubus. If they weren't that age, it didn't happen. Perhaps that was why I had expected nothing to go wrong. I was seventeen. I was supposed to be safe, at least for now.

At seventeen, Elliot Haven was supposed to be exempt from the Incubi's relentless tradition, the one where those dangerous creatures barged into human's homes and took eighteen humans of age eighteen to utilize as food sources, and ironically, powerless slaves. Then again, it wasn't as if they'd spared his nineteen-year-old brother, Kyle, either.


Volume One: Reliant (Chapters 1 -14)

Volume Two: Resistant (Chapters 15 - 33)

Volume Three: Repercuss (Chapters 34 - N/A )


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Copyright: Daemonium, including all books, volumes, chapters, prologues, epilogues, and associated content, is COPYRIGHTED. All rights reserved by & for the owner and creator of this work, Hec Daevis (HecDaevis), and any unauthorized copying, broadcasting, manipulation, distribution, or selling of this work constitutes as an infringement of copyright. Any infringement of copyright is punishable by law.

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A/N: I truly hope you enjoy Daemonium.

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