Chapter 5

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“Bye, mom” I shouted as she dropped me off at school. She had decided that she didn’t trust me to go to school and actually enter the building, so she had picked me up from my grandparents’ house that morning.

It was pouring with rain and I had completely forgotten my jacket. It was freezing too. All I was wearing was ripped skinny jeans, and a green vest top.

The icy raindrops splashed against my skin as I started to quicken my pace and run closer to the school building.

I was dreading the day. The fact that Mr Sanders was mentoring me made me feel a little sick. I had slept in that morning, too so I arrived at lunch time.

As I approached the building, Mr Sanders was waiting for me. My mother had called him to explain that I had an ‘emergency dentist appointment’ and wouldn’t be in until lunch time.

They seemed to believe her.

He stood against the wall with his hood up and a huge smirk on his face.

“Second day in and your already late?” he joked as I ran past him. I did not want to be in school and felt like cutting class.

It was lunch time, so I hadn’t been to any lessons, and I didn’t have English so I wouldn’t be marked in anywhere.

I reached for my phone and called Vicki to find out where she was. I was not going to detention.

As I dialled, she turned the corner.

“Vicki!” I shouted, running up to her before she could go to the detention room.

“Oh, hi, where have you been all morning?” she asked friendlily. She walked towards the detention room door and I stopped her from pulling on the handle.

“No, I don’t want to go in there!” I exclaimed, pulling her away from the door. “Can we just leave?” I begged. I looked around to see if Emily was anywhere around so that she could come too.

Luckily, she walked down the corridor and stopped to say hello.

Grabbing them both by the arms, we ran for the exit. I peered around the corner to see if Mr Sanders was still standing there, but he wasn’t and so we made a break for it out of the grounds and onto the sidewalk just outside.

Panting, we stood to catch our breaths. “We leaving or something?” Emily joked. “Well, I’m not the one on detention, so I’m not the one who will get noticed as missing first. Is this a good idea?”

“Oi! You three, inside now!” Mr Haner shouted as he saw us from the corner. He clearly saw us but made no attempt to chase us after. He didn’t really sound that bothered in his voice either.

We stared, laughed and then ran as fast as humanly possible over to the bus stop as it too turned the corner.

Because it was so close to school, we couldn’t afford to miss this one.

“Is he still there?” Emily giggled, out of breath as we got onto the bus. We all peered out of the windows to see, and he was. He was standing round the corner, smoking.

He must’ve seen us through the bus window, because he began to wave. I personally couldn’t tell whether it was sarcastic or not.

He was pretty awesome, so we all waved back.

“You think he’ll come after us?” Vicki asked, cautiously.

I thought it was more likely that Matt would follow us if he had seen.

 He seemed to be the more authoritarian of the two. Mr Haner just seemed to be there for the ride.

Emily and I shook our heads. “He would have by now if he was going to,” she replied, taking a seat at the back.

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